Wacoal Women's Slimline Seamless Minimizer Bra

    4 1/2 stars 600 reviews

Our Slimline Seamless Underwire Minimizer Bra enhances your look by helping to reduce your bustline up to one inch. Featuring beautiful embroidery and a truly comfortable fit, this bra has it all

Enormous busted women? Every one of the deficiencies of bras for "us," are OVERCOME in this style from WACOAL. As a 40DD, no brand except for Wacoal satisfies my high guidelines and explicit necessities, yet this bra is the most elite. 

As a minimizer, it doesn't level the bust, it simply rearranges it. The substantialness of a full bust can look ladylike, which I disdain, however this bra is a definitive support WITHOUT pushing the heaviness of the bosom up and out. The manner in which this bra is cut supports substantial bosoms COMFORTABLY and it unpretentiously reshapes so your bosoms don't feel SHELVED. Shapely young ladies know precisely what I mean. 

I even rest in this bra. I'm requesting 20 all the more so that, if Wacoal quit making them, I will hsve 20 years worth of bras. A Wacoal bra that is hand washed and NEVER heat dried endures a year for me. They don't self-destruct, they simply wear out, which demonstrates Wacoal quality. 

Get this bra...lots of them

Mimimizer, Minimizer bra

minimizer, minimizer bra

Wacoal Bra & Panties Lingerie Magazine Print Ad - Model: Hannah Ferguson |  eBay

Wacoal Women's Clear and Classic Underwire Bra

   41/2 stars 200 reviews

This bra is soooooo comfortable and fit so well that I am now going to order a second one. Years ago I wore nothing but Wacoal and loved their fit despite the cost. Then I started getting "thick through the middle" with age and could never find a 40D to try on in our local Dillard's. I am 5'3" and 160 pounds, size 14. So the fitter at Dillard's placed me in another brand for the past 5 years. Just recently I thought give Amazon a try, they carry everything, maybe even Wacoal. I selected this style based on the image and description and am so happy I did.

I have worn Wacoal bras for the last decade or thereabouts, and come to cherish their extraordinary fit - however something about them produces slight inconvenience - tingling - on the right half of my back. There is none of that in this bra. The fit may not make me look very as exquisite, however I'm willing to trade solace for that.

Wacoal Acquires Lingerie Brand Lively for $85 Million to Expand Business  Beyond Japan

Wacoal Women's Ultimate Side Contour Bra

   4 stars 5 colors

This modern t-shirt bra combines gentle back and side smoothing with everyday comfort.

Wacoal Women's Ultimate Side Contour Bra

This is THE bra. The interesting no fat back plan is truly imaginative and agreeable. The bra holds a plentiful chest (34DDD), in close, high, and put aside. I don't really want to have my chest stick out a long way from my body, yet closer/limited. Furthermore, this works really hard while likewise causing me to feel slimmer. This has been on my NEED list for my white and cream work shirts that need some areola inclusion. I nearly went to wearing areola covers with my different bras since I was struggling tracking down the correct bra.

Ultimate side smoother underwire t shirt bra

Ultimate side smoother underwire t shirt bra

853281 Ultimate Side Smoother T-Shirt Bra

This modern t-shirt bra combines gentle back and side smoothing with everyday comfort.

• Seamless underwire t-shirt bra

• Lightweight stretch foam cups for shape and support

• Innovative crisscross design in band helps to minimize side bulge

• Designed to help smooth back and sides

• Extra side coverage reduces underarm bulge

ultimate side smoother underwire t shirt bra

Wacoal Women's Visual Effects Minimizer Bra

   4 1/2 stars 1500 reviews

Minimizing bra in feminine smooth lace featuring lifting underwire cups and lean silhouette

Wacoal Women's Visual Effects Minimizer Bra

Like most/numerous ladies who purchase minimizers I have a bigger chest. I wear a size 42 G bra. I've attempted a couple $20-$30 profoundly appraised minimizers, in the course of recent many years, however have never been by and by '5 star' fulfilled. 

In this way, I did a bit 'google' examination and chose to attempt a Wacoal bra. I requested both this bra and the $50/prime Wacoal NON-hefty size minimizer. Both were a size 42 G. To additional put it in context I wear a size 16-18 shirt/top. 

I took a stab at both-one just after the other. I tracked down this hefty size rendition to fit much better and the cut more agreeable. I work 12 hr days and this bra was PHENOMENAL each of the 12 hrs. At the point when I took my shirt off, subsequent to returning home, my boobs were in a similar EXACT spot I had finagled them into 12hrs before. No pooching or scootching at all!

Wacoal ROW | Wacoal Bras, Lingerie & Shapewear                    Awareness Underwire Bra | Wacoal

Wacoal Women's Full Figure Simple Shaping Minimizer Bra

Life changing! This is the best minimizer bra out there, I've tried them all. Supportive, durable, lightweight. The downside to all minimizer bras is they are not padded, but the pros outweigh the cons.

Wacoal Bra An ordinary minimizer that shapes the bust just and richly. Formed underwire bra flaunts unlined inflexible cups for fantastic shape and backing. Minimizer configuration diminishes beat projection by down to one inch. Offers full inclusion. Consistent development for wear under T-shirts or tenacious tops. Shoulder ties highlight scalloped edges and an apparent plant print. Scalloped edge improves the cups and focus gore. Pretty strip and pearl highlight at the middle blood. Sheer powernet network band. Completely flexible ties. Three-section and two-line snare and-eye back conclusion. Style #857109. Cups: 100% polyester;Back: 71% polyester, 29% spandex;Center lining: 100% nylon. Hand wash warm, hang dry. Imported. In case you're not completely happy with your buy, you are free to return any unworn and unwashed things with labels flawless and unique bundling included.

Wacoal, Minimizer bra, Simple shaping minimizer bra

Wacoal, Minimizer Bra, Simple Shaping Minimzer bra

857109 Simple Shaping Minimizer Bra

Simple Shaping Minimizer offers amazing fit and comfort. Designed to minimize the bustline up to one inch, this bra will give you a silhouette you’ll love.

• Full coverage underwire minimizer bra

• Seamless, single-ply supportive unlined cups

• Minimizes bustline up to one inch

• Fully adjustable straps

• C–G cup

Wacoal Women's Visual Effects Minimizer Bra

4 1/2 star minimizer bra 270 reviews

Body: 72% Nylon, 28% Spandex; Cup: 62% Nylon, 38% Spandex 


hook and Eye conclusion 

Limiting bra in female smooth ribbon including lifting underwire cups and lean outline 

Flexible straps;Leotard back; Reduces bust line up to one inch;Use non-chlorine dye just when needed,Hang to dry,Do not iron,Do not launder 

Diminishes breast line up to one inch ; Elastic at neck area and underarm for adaptability. 

Suggested for the accompanying bosom shape(s): Round, Shallow Top/Full Bottom, East/West, Pendulous ; Underwire minimizer bra

From normal to full busted, all ladies can profit by a minimizer. The cups are explicitly built to give you full inclusion and a less fatty look under testing tops and dresses. 

Additional Support and Shaping 

The underwire cups lift, discrete and redistribute bosom tissue to fit equitably everywhere throughout the glass, bringing about a streamlined appearance under organized apparel and catch front shirts. 

Interesting Design 

The Engineered trim example isn't just ultra female, it lies level, settling on it a smooth decision under your preferred T-shirt.

Wacoal Women's Visual Effects Minimizer Bra,Deep Taupe,38G

Like most/many women who buy minimizers I have a larger chest. I wear a size 42 G bra. I've tried a few $20-$30 highly rated minimizers, over the past two decades, but have never been personally '5 star' satisfied.

So, I did a little 'google' research and decided to try a Wacoal bra. I ordered both this bra and the $50/prime Wacoal NON-plus size minimizer. Both were a size 42 G. To further put it in perspective- I wear a size 16-18 shirt/top.

I tried on both- one right after the other. I found this plus size version to fit much better and the cut more comfortable. I work 12hr days & this bra was PHENOMENAL all 12 hrs. When I took my shirt off, after getting home, my boobs were in the same EXACT place I had finagled them into 12 hrs earlier. No pooching or scooching whatsoever!

I guess my left boob is slightly larger (as it's not readily obvious) because in my other (Bali) minimizers it would somehow find a way to 'top surface' and cause the dreaded- boob within a boob pooch. As attractive as this might be in a push-up bra I did not expect or want it in a minimizer. Especially so, considering it was only ever a one-sided event! Even after 12hrs of work- much to my delight- 'Lefty Lu' was still in her assigned place with this bra.

I'm a believer. A new found Wacoal girl!

A few other tidbits as to how I plan on forever keeping 'Lefty Lu' in her place. Since, to date, I don't have a money tree in my backyard I plan to only ever hand wash this bra with a salad shooter as my secret cleaning weapon :).

I read all about the how to's. NEVER wring out...lightly pat dry between towels and lay flat on a sweater rack to allow complete dry.

Seriously, though- it's worth the money to keep such a good fit and feel in the best shape possible. FYI: I read about a salad shooter as being one of the best ways to thoroughly and gently clean a bra. It's better than hand washing alone and just as gentle.

Wacoal - Diane's Lingerie


What you have on beneath your outfits is just as essential as what you have on that shows.

The perfect lingerie choices will give you a good cornerstone to enable your clothing to fit

and visual appeal your best. You’ll appear stylish and well dressed while feeling beautiful and

sexy and Wacoal can give you the right bras, slips, underwear and shapewear for this.

Wacoal Lingerie choices brings a hey i'm comfy and sexy attitude to women's bras and

panties creating

bras with scrupulous consideration to development and design and style.

Coming into the American market 15 years ago, Wacoal swiftly became the brand name of

preference, with lingerie made from elegant fabrics, laces, and embroideries, all tailored to

deliver women with the ideal fit. Wacoal underwear is designed to women of all shapes and

sizes from small 30AA to DDD and G sizes.

Develop the ideal foundation for a morning at the office with underwear that fit and

compliment. At work, you’ll want to be comfy and poised so you can give the most

effective perception of yourself. If you have a significant presentation, you’ll want to

choose primarily supportive bras and comfy panties.

Wacoal bras have quite the superstar following. Oprah often features Wacoal lingerie

choices and the seamless minimizer is stated to be one of her absolute favorites. Whoopie

Goldberg's bra of choice is Wacoal 85226 Everyday Soft Cup Bra. We hear country singer


Morgan loves this bra too. It's a customer favorite beneath tightfitting

clothes. Wacoal

most likely has more television time than some celebs. It's been featured on the Today

Show, Oprah, and on the Pussycat Dolls. The Wacoal Luxe line can make even the rest of us

feel like stars. This high end

collection concentrates on luxurious fabrics, new captivating

colors and stunning shapes.

The appropriate bra will elevate and support, aiding you to experience your best

performance. You’ll want to pick out bras in neutral colors that will wear well with blouses,

dresses and business suits. You’ll also want to select comfort, so you won’t have to worry

about straps dropping off your shoulders or panties riding up.

After hours, you still want support, but flip up the appeal level a bit with colored bras or

those with a little bit of lace. You can decide on a strapless alternative when out with

associates for an evening meal or a black lace bra for date evening. If you’re dressed in a

dress out to dance or to a full evening of dinner and dancing, choose a chemise that will

move with you. Or, keep any trouble areas in place with flattering shapewear

to wear

under denims or trousers. You can look as relaxed as you feel with the right lingerie. Wacoal

does not overlook the petite market place either. Wacoal petite assortment consists of

stretch lace and appliqued lace bras, seamless mesh bras, and contour pushup

bras. The

designs have shallower cups and contain padding.

On the days off you can be comfy, laid back and still have support. Head to the fitness

center with a sports bra that will hold you in place as you run or cycle. Or, you can try hued

panties that will look great under denims and t-shirts

for those relaxed days. Wacoal

Lingerie continues to be a innovator in women's lingerie because of their determination to

perfectly designed bras and panties, all integrating stylish luxury and exceptional comfort

and fit. Their comprehensive size range demonstrates the Wacoal mission to put all women

in magnificently designed, well fitting


For any of these Wacoal will do it best and with great style.

Wacoal Perfect Primer Underwire Bra

This is a bra you won;t feel the need to get out of

4 1/2 star bra over 50 reviews

Body: 72% Nylon, 28% Spandex 


hook and Eye conclusion 

Hand Wash 

Solace wire is sandwiched between the texture so it doesn't rub against the body 

Clean turned neck area and two layer development 

Inset geometric ribbon at the neck area 

Brushed low stretch completely flexible straps

Dismissed in back straps won't slide from shoulders

A definitive regular bra with overpoweringly delicate texture and throughout the day support. 

• Full inclusion underwire bra 

• Super delicate, supple two-utilize texture cups 

• Hidden inward sling for included support

• Hidden underwire for solace 

• C to H cups

Wacoal Women's Perfect Primer Underwire Bra,Sand,34DD

I'm a 34H. This bra fits fabulous, has plenty of side boob coverage (a good thing when you have more fullness to the outside), has a very supportive wide 4-hook band (the most important element of support in a bra), and is THIN! Why are so many of the bigger-sized bras made with thick cups? We don't need more size! The material this is made out of is oh so soft. It doesn't provide firm support, so it's not one you want to wear to a workout. However, for everyday wear, the comfort is unbeatable.

Super soft, supple and smooth two ply full figure underwire bra up to a H cup

Wacoal Womens Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt Bra

4 star bra 994 reviews

85% Polyester, 15% Spandex 


hook and Eye conclusion 

Hand Wash 

Full-inclusion shirt bra including scalloped trim with lace applique at focus 

Developed nightgown tie with stretch back discharge 

Kicked in back for non-slip ties. Prescribed for round, shallow top/full base and east/west bosom shapes

Offering full-figured ladies a similar remarkable fit and solace as our adored Basic Beauty Underwire, our Basic Beauty Spacer T-Shirt Bra highlights cups that offer the haziness of a cushioned bra without the weight, a v-back structure to keep ties set up, and sides intended to smooth, all of which will give you a lovely outline. Care:Use non-chlorine dye just when required. 

Fundamental excellence shape spacer will offer incredible help in a breathable, delicate, lightweight creation.

Having been fitted at Nordstroms and purchasing one of these, I ordered another from Amazon (slightly cheaper than N). After 65+ years of ill fitting and uncomfortable bras I decided to move beyond Warners/Olga/Walmart etc. bras & spend more for comfort. This bra is light weight, well made, fits great and has a u shaped back with straps that don't slip. I love it! Check out herroom.com for hints on correct sizing and lots of other issues. This bra along with Wacoal Womens Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt Bra, Natori Women's Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Contour, and the Smart and Sexy lace bra (available on Amazon) are the 3 most comfortable bras I've owned in my life. Try them all out.

Basic beauty contour spacer will offer great support in a breathable, soft, lightweight fabric

Wacoal Women's How Perfect Soft Cup Bra

love my this bra and panties. I got the 38 b and that is my normal size and every little thing fit great. I would say that I hardly line the cups. I normally don't do cleavage. My busts are 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches from sternum to nipple. When squished in a bra a good 2 inches. I have about 3/4 inch between breasts. I definitely love the softest molded padding ever. I washed it on the delicate cycle in my washer with the matching panties and hung to dry and nothing of the bra cups disfigured. It really feels like the softest memory foam ever. I do however have to wear the bra on the last set of hooks. I suppose the only caveat to this bras high price for women who are at the top of a 38 band size. I am a true to size 38 band and the band runs a bit small. I still however love this bra. If the last set of hooks ever give out on me, I will just buy a bra extender.

Wacoal Women's How Perfect Soft Cup Bra, Natural Nude, 32DD

Body: 81% Nylon, 19% Spandex


Hook and Eye closure

Hand Wash

Clean tailored finishes at neckline and underarm. Adjustable stretch back strap

Smooth leotard back. Soft brushed outer fabric on cups. Wire free bra with contour cups

Seriously. This is the best bra in the world!! I ordered not realizing there was no underwire (spoiler alert: there's no underwire ) and was mildly furious upon its arrival. I wear a 36DD I need an underwire.... Or so I thought. This bra is magical. Supportive, flattening. The material is so soft. I am in love Wacoal, you've done it again.

How Perfect Wire Free soft cup by Wacoal

Perfect for every day, our How Perfect Wire Free T-Shirt Bra is both supportive and comfortable. This versatile bra is sure to become your go-to choice when you want to look and feel great..



 If you're a contemporary lingerie wearer, then you have to look at one of the coolest new makes in romantic wear, b.tempt'd by Wacoal. This vibrant product is bringing you captivating bras that come in a wide range of classic empowered patterns and prints but with all the up to date appearance. Pick from b.tempt'd bras that are offered from push up bras, padded bras, teen bras, plus size bras and even convertible bras to accommodate your body type flawlessly. Affinitas bras offer a no extras solution to getting the underwear look you adore at a cost you can manage. Bras from Affinitas Intimates are sexy and fantastic and made with materials like lace and nylon combinations to bring you that seamless figure you're looking for. 

The b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Balconette Bra 953144 is a work of genius in design and natural beauty. A gorgeous floral lace overlay on the cups and sides is accented with a sheer organza bow at center front. Sides and back are two ply, with fishnet over a distinction lining. Lace bra is designed on a base with an elastic underband for outstanding support. Designed of nylon/spandex. b.tempt'd by Wacoal's Ciao Bella Balconette Bra is created to match b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Tanga Panty 945144 and b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Garter Belt 948144.

Fits flawlessly, supportive.

I ordered this bra in 30D, it has rapidly turned out to be the only one that I want to wear, due to the fact by comparison all my 34A bras are completely substandard. This bra cups my breasts beautifully! It is precisely the right contour to hold them, as if it were tailor made. There aren't any areas where I do not fill the cup appropriately (regardless of having one breast somewhat smaller than the other!). It stays in position all day long and I never have to readjust it, like I did with my 34As. It is very comfy to wear all day, and because I don't have to readjust it, I just overlook that it's even there.

The lace on the bra, despite the fact that it's very beautiful, will show its somewhat uneven texture  some of my thinner/more delicate tops.

Also, I am 5'8" and the straps on this bra are just a little bit too short. I have them extended them to the max, but the strap over my larger breast somewhat cuts into my shoulder leaving a red mark. It is not serious enough to trouble me but it would be nice if it could change it to be a half an inch longer.

All round, I am very delighted with the fit of this bra, but I have to be cautious to only wear it under thick enough fabric that the lace texture won't show through what i am wearing.

#b.tempt'd by #Wacoal #Ciao #Bella #Balconette #Bra 

I followed the suggestions of some of the other reviewers, and purchased a cup size larger than I generally would. I'm glad I did, because it fits flawlessly. It's very cute, perfectly comfortable, gives nice shaping and support. I will be buying this bra again in more colors.

Comes in 6 colors buy now 

More b.tempt'd by Wacoal

 b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Tanga Panty 945144 has all-over corded floral lace with a set off sheer organza bow at center waist and contrast color crotch lining. Made of nylon/spandex with a cotton crotch lining. b.tempt'd by Wacoal's Ciao Bella Tanga Panty is low rise. See coordinating b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Balconette Bra 953144, b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Bustier 959044, b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Garter Belt 948144 and b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Contour Bra 953244.

Beautiful panties, high quality, great design, lovely fabric. Nice under jeans.

The b.tempt'd by Wacoal Full Bloom Underwire Bra 951133 has a charming all-over floral lace with mesh lining. Elastic straps adjust in back with coated metal hardware. b.tempt'd by Wacoal's Full Bloom Underwire Bra is created to coordinate with b.tempt'd by Wacoal Full Bloom Hipster Panty 945133 and b.tempt'd by Wacoal Full Bloom Thong 942133.

This bra gives fantastic shape.

The b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.wow'd Push-Up Bra 958187 is absolutely seamless around cups and sides, with hefty graduated padding in cup for amazing cleavage lift. b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.wow'd Push-Up Bra 958187 has removable elastic straps for convertible wear.

Again, another great choice for me. I love wacoal bras!


Wacoal Women's Lace Affair: Underwire Bra

Another 4 star bra from Wacoal probably one of there prettiest cups run true to size but the band is a little small just order up a size enjoy the comfort of this soft fabric beautiful bra. I've purchased this bra before in a unique color. It's gorgeous and makes me feel supported and elegant. It comes in my size which is fascinating! 34G

I use minimized bras, and they aren't generally the most beautiful. But I look magnificent in this one. And I look far better in my outfits 

#Wacoal #bras

The ideal bra for larger boobs - elevates, divides, supports, and appears to be sexy. No padding but enough thickness to not have nips show. I own in black and cream. Just fantastic.

Bra, t shirt bra, wacoal

bra, wacoal, t shirt bra


Smooth cups and beautiful lace detail give this bra everything it needs to be both fashionable and functional. Our Lace Affair T-Shirt Bra is the perfect companion for your knits, tees, and tops with open necklines.

  • Seamless underwire t-shirt bra
  • Pared down style
  • Stretch foam cups
  • Low center front
  • Leotard back
  • Full adjustable, wide-set, decorative stretch straps
  • Beautiful cross-dye lace band and center front.

 The b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.delight'd Demi Contour Bra 953192 offers you a captivating decollete with a petal-edged cup top. Softly padded cup is overlaid with beautiful floral lace. b.tempt'd by Wacoal's b.delight'd Demi Contour Bra is designed of nylon/spandex. Created to coordinate with the b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.delight'd Thong 945192 and b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.delight'd Skirted Thong 948192.

Excellent support and lift

Sexy comfy perfect fit i love it.

2 colors on sale buy now 


The b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.delight'd Thong 945192 has a sheer floral lace stretch body. Designed of nylon/spandex. b.tempt'd by Wacoal's b.delight'd Thong is low rise. Created to coordinate with the b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.delight'd Demi Contour Bra 953192 and b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.delight'd Memory Foam Contour Bra 953292.

The b.tempt'd by Wacoal How Gorgeous Contour Bra 953119 has a concealed underwire that is situated flat for a smooth look under tops and dresses. Boning at side seams gives added support. b.tempt'd by Wacoal's How Gorgeous Contour Bra is designed of nylon/spandex. Created to coordinate with the b.tempt'd by Wacoal How Gorgeous Bikini Panty 943119.

When I got this bra I was concerned that, because I am very petite, because the straps sit wide I would have to return it because the straps would dig into my shoulders. I was pleasingly amazed to find that is not an problem. The straps do fall down some, but that is no fault of the bra and is a common issue for me. The bra is very comfortable and runs true to size. I am glad I purchased this bra.

The b.tempt'd by Wacoal b.classic Contour Bra 953201 features laser cut edges and j-hook on back straps. b.tempt'd by Wacoal'a b.classic Contour Bra is made of nylon and spandex.

Wacoal Body by Wacoal 

Welcome to the world of Wacoal bras the tailored bras that feel like they were made just for you.It is not uncommon for a Wacoal bra to be on the design table six months to a year searching for that perfect fit to bring you comfort,style,support at a price anyone can afford. Young or old Wacoal bras are not designed they are tailored to fit and support your breast without red marks irritation spots any discomfort or your straps falling down.


Wacoal Body by Wacoal Seamless Underwire Bra

Sleek and contemporary, the Body by Wacoal Seamless Under-wire Bra is each and every woman's favored bra. Displaying lightweight, breathable, Supplex® material so you'll love it and it is comfy.

Let me show you around and make a few suggestions.The first bra is the Wacoal seamless under-wire bra is a famous best seller from Wacoal this is a great bra if you are large breasted as it helps to prevent  the uni-boob look that full-busted women hate.This bra is designed with cotton-like Supplex nylon/Lycra spandex material, which draws moisture away from you and helps to keep you cool and dry. Sheer mesh inserts above the cups keep you even dryer. The Wacoal Body by Wacoal Seamless Underwire Bra has elastic shoulder straps that adjust in the back. Very happy with this bra. Light-weight and no extra padding, great shape, very comfortable, very comfy. The dark taupe color is so beautiful.We get comments like- these Most comfortable bra ever/ Comfortable, washes and wears well/.good support yet comfortable/seamless cup for wearing with tees/Perfect fit, can wash it keeps it shape, and still looks like new/Extremely comfortable and they have my size, no gaps! Looks great under anything/. 

Buying this Wacoal bra is doing your body the biggest favor ever/

This is a well-made, comfy, supportive, and true-to-size bra, and I can wear it all day long. It also dries quickly after hand-washing, and isn't too highly-priced. I don't like bras with padding or seams, so this one is fantastic. I would highly recommend it!

Underwire bra

Underwire bra


Featuring lightweight, breathable fabric, our Body by Wacoal Underwire Bra offers amazing support, making it comfortable enough to wear every day.

  • Seamless underwire bra
  • Unlined cups
  • Mesh window detail above cups
  • Supplex fabric feels like cotton
  • Back adjustable straps
  • Light and smooth on the body
  • Clean tailored neckline
  • Great under sweaters and t-shirts
  • Sizes 34-38B; 32-38 C-DD

Buy now 

Wacoal La Femme Contour Bra

I love this bra. It fits me wonderfully, giving me support and comfort. If necessary, I can wear it to bed without discomfort. I hope Wacoal keeps making this one.

.Creating extraordinary lingerie that genuinely fits, delivering exemplary support, and developing long lasting customer self confidence became our values and the strategy for our achievements. By expanding into the United States, Wacoal had the vast global assets it needed to bring the most imaginative and technically innovative products and solutions to the American female.

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T shirt bra

T shirt bra


  • Charming and irresistible, our La Femme T-Shirt Bra is the perfect choice for your sexy tops with plunging necklines and the romantic occasions you might wear them on.
  • Seamless Underwire T-Shirt Bra
  • Stretch foam contour cups with brushed lining for comfort
  • Low Plunge center
  • Embroidery frame
  • Leotard back
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Pleated bow accent on center bow

Wacoal Halo Lace Full Coverage Underwire Bra 

Wacoal uses almost six months designing each and every bra and panty.

Beautiful and comfy, our Halo Lace Underwire is the ideal day-to-day bra. The gorgeous brushed lace practically vanishes under clothing, so you can wear this bra with almost any top in your clothing collection. Unlined seamless underwire bra; Gentle, stretch lace full coverage cups for all-natural shaping; High center front.

 Wacoal creates bras in sizes from 30A to 44G, despite the fact that there is at the moment a AA-cup available in a 32 band and an H-cup offered in a 42 band. Wacoal uses Usa cup sizing.

I love this bra - gives lovely support and is very comfortable. Does not show through t-shirts. Doesn't slip off shoulders.


I love this bra. I was concerned that the lace would give it less support. But the bra is very comfortable and the lace is is not a thin lace. Very supportive, comfortable, and a little sexy with the lace.

Wacoal Halo Lace Full Coverage Under-wire Bra (65547). A full coverage under-wire with comfort back designed to eradicate strap slipping. The smooth Halo lace on this bra is more packed than other lace bras, making it more powerful and more supporting and is situated flat under t-shirts and knits. Molded, lined, under-wire cups support and design the breasts. Stretchy cups are a wonderful remedy - if you have irregular breasts. Higher center front and more dense lace helps support bulkier breasts. Unique kicked-in back design and style is perfect for women with sloping shoulders who have difficulties with straps slipping. Built up, comfort straps adjust in back with silvertone metal hardware. Please Note: Ivory was discontinued

Wacoal style 65547. Molded bra - unlined, seamless lace underwire bra. All over stretch lace cups for natural shaping

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Wacoal Feather Embroidery Bra

The Feather Embroidery Underwire Bra will fit like a fantasy, making it a Wacoal best seller among women of all ages.

Wacoal Feather Embroidery Bra (85121). This is our most widely cherished cut and sewn bra -- the feather design pleasing to all ages. An specifically comfortable bra that fits up to DD cups. Full coverage bra options beautiful lace and fine mesh accents. Unique Wacoal ''floating'' underwire prevents poke-through and allows the bra to adapt to your body. Angle-seamed, 2-part underwire cups give a simple conical form rather than roundness to the busts. Breathable, soft mesh along top cup panel. Center panel - triangle with arched bottom for high bellies, with satin bow . Center-pull shoulder straps help protect against strap slipping and are adjustable in the back with coated metal hardware. Wacoal-designed solid stretch satin back. Please note: Wacoal discontinued DDD cup sizes in April, 2010, and the color black in October, 2010. 


LOVE this bra! The sizing is outstanding and so is the fit. I couldn't say enough about how wonderful this bra fits! Highly suggest all ladies give it a try. I had to search hard to find a excellent fitting bra like this.

Full figure Underwire bra

Full figure underwire bra


A Wacoal classic, the Feather Embroidery Underwire Bra fits beautifully and offers amazing lift and support.

  • Full coverage Underwire bra
  • Subtle seaming and a comfort band provide great shape and fit
  • Feather embroidery and mesh give a light and airy feel along the neckline
  • Exclusive Wacoal floating underwire avoids poke through and allows the bra to adjust to your body
  • Back adjustable straps

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Wacoal The Red Carpet Full-Busted Strapless Bra 

Everyone needs one strapless bra that stays up and Wacoal Red Carpet Full busted Strapless bra is it. 

The second bra i will show you is a strapless bra that stays up and that is hard to find.The Under-wire bra has an elastic under band and gripper strips at the top and bottom edges for stay-put hold. Also it has lightly padded contour cups provide an even, rounded silhouette and no show-through. May also be worn with straps, included. Perfect for full-busted women, with cups up to G. Made of soft nylon/spandex for comfort and easy care. Wacoal's The Red Carpet Full-Busted Strapless Bra features side boning for extra support. I went smaller in inch and cup size the second time I bought it because it does stretch and is strapless. I love it and will continue to buy more. Buy this bra if you need a strapless promise you will love it.


This bra fits great and actually holds the girls up! If you have big breasts that don't normally work well with a strapless you will love this bra!

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Wacoal Embrace Lace Under-wire Bra

 Stunning signature lace molded under-wire bra; Outstanding lift and organic shape thank you to seamed cups; Added support from built-in inner sling.

This breathtaking bra options stunning embroidery on the cups, sides and back for an sophisticated statement. 2-part, under-wire cups feature's transverse seaming for a spherical, all-natural physical appearance. Wide inner support slings along sides of cups deliver lift. Center panel - has a wide triangle layout. Seamless sides are smooth under clothing. Lace-edged elastic straps adjust in back with coated metal hardware. Back coated metal hook-and-eye closure, See coordinating Wacoal Embrace Lace Bikini Panties 64391 and Wacoal Embrace Lace Hi Cut Brief Panty 841191. Please Note: Wacoal offers B cup sizes in Black and Natural Nude only. Please note: Hanky Panky Chai and Wacoal Natural Nude are similar colors. Please Note: Hanky Panky Taupe and Wacoal Cappuccino Mocha are similar colors

Shown in Lucky magazine, April 2013. InStyle magazine, April 2014.

I typically like padded push up bras best for shaping.. but this still has great form. It fits perfect, good coverage and is true to size. Very comfortable too. Shipped quick. Packaged nice (with tissue paper) . Definitely recommend.

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Wacoal Awareness Full Figure Seamless Bra 

lifts and separates and the distribution in the shoulder area is not noticeable throughout the day

regardless of what you are doing (activity wise). Love, Love, Love this bra!!!!!! I'm sure a woman

with a heavy chest developed this bra!! Who else could have possibly known our plight?!

Wacoal Awareness Full Figure Seamless Bra (85567). This bestselling seamless bra is a


addition to Wacoal's Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. It is comfortable and

seamless, and provides perfect support for the full-figured

woman. Seamless cups give

slight compression to create a more attractive breast shape. Hidden under-wire is

sandwiched between inner and outer cups so it never touches the skin. Inner support slings

give added lift. Gorgeous calla lily floral pattern is invisible under clothing. Comfortable

padded shoulder straps adjust in back. Back hook and eye

closure, see Fitter's

Comments below for hook count. Sewnon

Breast Cancer Awareness tag is a reminder to

do your regular self examinations. This bra has the same frame as the Wacoal Wacoal

Body Suede Full Figure Seamless Bra 85185. See matching Wacoal Awareness Hi Cut

Brief Panty 871101. Please note: Hanky Panky Chai and Wacoal Natural Nude are similar

colors. Available in up to an H cup.


 This is the most comfortable bra i have ever worn. It has wide straps that do not dig in your shoulder that some bras do when you have larger breasts. I never put the bra in the dryer and wash on gentle cycle in a special bra washing case. My bras last for years. It doesn't have a metal under-wire, so no problem when flying.

Wacoal, Awareness, Full figure Bra


Wacoal, Awareness

Wacoal’s Awareness Bra features a pink ribbon flag on the back for breast cancer awareness and offers the superb comfort that comes from supportive cups, a leotard back, and straps that stay in place. The seamless cups provide natural shaping, making this bra a great choice for every day.

· Full figure, full coverage underwire bra

· Seamless, two-ply fabric cups

· Hidden side slings in DDD to I cup sizes for added support

· Beautiful, smooth calla lily jacquard fabric

· Leotard back

· Hidden underwire for added comfort

· Comfort straps with back adjustment

Wacoal BodySuede Full Figure Seamless Bra

Love This Bra!! This is absolutely the most comfortable full support bra ever. 

I know that's a big claim, but I've tried so so many and been dissatisfied over the years. The straps are shaped and padded and the soft side pads are great. It provides excellent support and gives me a nice smooth look, even under tee shirts. I can wear this bra all day without wanting to tear it off as soon as I get home. The only small irritation is/was the size tag, which bothered me so I cut it out. I will definitely be buying more of this bra.

Wacoal Body Suede Full Figure Seamless Bra (85185). This luxurious under-wire bra options seamless two-ply cups and wide padded straps. Straps are positioned closer together in back, which allows them stay in position. Excellent for full-figured women, in up to DDD cups. Seamless under-wire cups are lined and provide support and shape. Incorporated inner side sling lifts and gives extra support. Center panel overlaps, with satin ribbon trim. Silky Body Suede material slides against clothing. Seamless sides give a smooth look under clothes. Center pull comfort straps are padded in front and attach to elastic that adjusts with coated metal hardware in back. Leotard back. Kicked-in back straps stay in place better, and add extra support. For an unlined version of this bra with embroidered appliques on strap fronts, see Wacoal Body suede Ultra Full Figure Bra 85814. Perfect for plus sizes, with up to DDD cups. Please Note: Hanky Panky Chai and Wacoal French Nude are similar colors. 

Voted "Best Everyday Full-Figure Bra" by Redbook magazine
Featured in First for Women magazine, June 23, 2014.

I've been searching for a Tee shirt bra that would give as good a fit as my favorite bra, the Wacoal Alluring underwire. I think I've found it! Great support. The side slings do show a bit through the Tee shirts, but not enough to cause a problem. I plan to order more.



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Wacoal Women's Underwire Sport Bra

This high impact maximum support sports bra. Options exclusive hook adjustments on the straps that lock and stay in position. Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry. Suspended underwires on the exterior guarantee comfort. Molded, lined, underwire cups offer full containment, support and shape the breast. Floating underwires are on the outside to keep away from skin thus avoiding chafing and scratching. Center panel - tall, with arched underband, more comfy if you have a high tummy. Naturexx wicking tech material keeps you cool and dry. Limited stretch straps adjust in the back with coated metal hook-and-slide closure. Padded hook-and-eye for comfort. See Fitter's Comments.

This bra is fantastic! It looks a bit weird at first, but it is extremely comfortable and offers excellent support. The fabric is very soft and I was able to wear it all day with total comfort. It is very supportive and I can definitely use it for jogging. Great bra!

Best sports bra I have ever tried , just bought a second one. It provides very good support while still being comfortable. Nice soft fabric.

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sport bra, full coverage, full support, maximum support, wacoal, underwire, wicking, up to H cups

Designed for women of all shapes and sizes, this sport bra has a unique outside underwire that minimizes the movement of the breasts during workouts of any intensity

 Wacoal bras treat yourself 

Give your breast a supercharge with our collection of Wacoal bras. From sensible efficiency to high fashion, Wacoal has lingerie choices for every element of your personal design and style. When you want to appear and feel your most effective, step into some Wacoal shaping garments. With sleek styles and breathable materials, Wacoal has got you protected from top to bottom. For unique occasions, check out Wacoal's b.tempt'd and Red Carpet series. With strapless designs and tactical construction, Wacoal's Red Carpet series will turn any woman into the belle of the ball. Or, for specific occasions that don't require evening hours wear or any even a ordinary day,the b.tempt'd line is the ideal collaboration of function and fashion. Be sure to check out the Wacoal Bras of spring and Summer,buying the best bra to fit yourself and your way of life is easy at wacoal. From strapless to T-back, Wacoal will have just what you need for your fundamental attire. 

Wacoal provides an extraordinary array of fit and design and style to the lingerie market, having only came into the American market a handful of years ago. Wacoal Eveden rapidly became a brand of preference, offering women in all places with a fantastic fit.  Consumers adore Wacoal bras for full figures, such as the BodySuede Full Figure Seamless Bra 85185, a best seller in plus-size bras. Petites also get specific concern with cups that are placed closer together. Many typical size bandless front bra designs also work well for petites and females with shorter torsos.

With their focus to the best feasible fit, Wacoal bras are likely in general to have good cup sizing. They're created to provide full breast coverage and support. Underwires are level instead of round to sit comfortably against your skin. Bras fastenings are covered for additional comfort. 

One of Wacoal's most well-known products, the Lace Embrace collection, includes magnificently precise lace in numerous color blends. Integrated in the bras are a seamed underwire with lace-embellished seamed cups, and a push-up design and contour T-shirt style, both with lace sides and back. Also in this incredible series, bikini, high-cut brief, boyshort and tanga panties; as well as a sleep chemise and garter belt. 

Wacoal panties exhibit the same focus to design and design. Their briefs, hi-cut briefs, boyshorts and bikinis are offered in many designs and materials. The B Smooth collection of panties has a sleek fit under outfits, and consists of a brief, high-cut brief and a bikini.  

Wacoal is devoted to their bra-fitting system. Since analysis has proven that a wide vast majority of females are in the incorrect size bra, Wacoal has implemented bra fittings in locations around the USA to put women in comfortable bras sized flawlessly for their physiques. One of their most well-known philanthropic projects is Fit for the Cure; for every woman who takes part in a complimentary bra fitting, Wacoal Lingerie donates $2.00 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Wacoal's Awareness bras 85567 and 85276 have a sewn-on tag to remind women to do their self breast exams. 

Wacoal continues to be a innovator in women's underwear due to the fact of their dedication to flawlessly designed bras, panties and shapewear, all incorporating stylish elegance, superb comfort and fit. Their comprehensive size range displays the Wacoal mission to put all women in beautifully designed, well-fitting lingerie.