Playtex Women's 18 Hour Smoothing Minimizer Wirefree Bra US4697

    4 stars 300 reviews

Playtex 18 Hour introduces its first-ever smoothing minimizer. Designed with smoothing cups and built-up sides and back to help minimize bust by up to 1. 5. ” It’s the perfect solution for ultimate smoothing. So, say goodbye to gaping blouses and undesired bulges, your clothes will fit better and look amazing giving you an added touch of confidence.

I have been searching for a remote minimizer bra since the one I used to have was suspended, and I at long last discovered it. I'm a heavier individual and underwires are impossible (notice most minimizer promotions show dainty individuals with their underwire bras, no doubt there is a justification that). This bra supports, limits and is exceptionally delicate and agreeable. I have attempted numerous and I love this one.
      This bra fits wonderfully and easily, and it's anything but an incredible occupation of limiting, which is the thing that I got it for. What's more, the large, awesome reward is that it's remote! I chose to attempt this is on the grounds that I was so burnt out on underwire bras, and I will supplant the entirety of my under wires with ....this bra.

A vintage commercial for playtex bullet bras. Thought you all might like  this. :) | Cross your heart bra, Playtex, Retro ads

Playtex Women's Love My Curves Beautiful Lace & Lift Underwire US4825

   4 stars 1k reviews

I'm stunned that it fits and supports and looks pretty. No leveling or other bizarre shape twistings that a few bras and bra cups appear to do. It's ideal to track down a NON PADDED bra in a DD, unimaginable at a store. Truly, this cushioning of all bras in bigger cup sizes is absurd, I'm not hoping to make my bust bigger than it as of now is. Appears consistent with size, since I utilized my normal estimations 41" underbust, adjusted to 42" and 47" full bust = DD cup. Cheerful and have requested a subsequent one.

I've just had it on for like 20 minutes, so I can't address how it will hold up. I'm demanding about how bras fit. I've lost a huge load of weight and because of COVID, I've generally been speculating on sizes for everything since I can't take a stab at in stores. This bra fits so incredible! It's entirely agreeable and complimenting for my figure. It is super gently lined, so it will not be insane warm. I'm wanting to arrange more!

1980 Playtex Bras and Panties Vintage PRINT AD Cute Girl on Bed with Kitten  | eBay

Womens Playtex Collection | Freshpair

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Full Coverage Bra US4803

    4 stars 25 k reviews

            This wire free bra includes seamless and breathable lining in back and cups

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Full Coverage Bra US4803

The most agreeable bra I've had in quite a while. I was totally weary of underwires. Underwires that rub and aggravate and fly at the most in fortunate occasions leaving you with one boob down and one boob up until you can return home and change. 

Underwires that jab through the material under the arms and wound you. 

I'm DONE with underwires. 

This is the principal bra I have at any point claimed that is remote, and I am so satisfied I plan on getting one of each tone and wearing them solely. I'm a cushioned lady, and this stays set up and holds the grimy pads up and in. I can pursue my grandson across the yard without giving myself a bruised eye. Also, the cushioning is extremely flimsy, which my better half likes. He has consistently called my different bras "Fortification Knox" on the grounds that there is such a lot of cushioning it makes the boobs areola less, regardless of how cool it gets. Presently on the off chance that you don't need the pinch nips to at any point show, this isn't the bra for you. The solitary disadvantage is that it runs somewhat little. I have worn a 40D for quite a long time, however this one is tight on the last column of snares so next buy will be a 42D.

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Bras/ Playtex bras/plus sizes fullbeauty

Buying a bra that fits perfect should continually be this simple. For any Playtex bra, it is.

Absolutely comfortable, always quality and simple design, these are the kind bras you rely on

dailey for a good deal of support and consistent comfort. And the value is amazing, with

some styles starting as low as any bra on the market. Find Playtex's many styles on our site

now at remarkable savings.

Begin everyday with the feeling you can master anything! Lift your look and spirits

with the stunning shape you will have from the Playtex's trademark criss-cross lift.

Seamless bras make you seem smooth under your sheer attire, and lightly lined styles

give you added comfort. With lace and embroidered trim to every bra's delicate heart

detail, Cross Your Heart seamless soft cup bras disregard absolutely nothing to make

you feel your best and look fantastic. Almost all of the reviews that we received from

our customers when they purchase from Playtex is they were very delighted with the

Playtex bra and so pleased to find it online at our site as they have been wearing this

brand for many years.

Innovative. Self-assured. Tasteful. Playtex Side Smoothing Embroidered Underwire Bra

 capture the true heart

and soul of you with a collection of bras that give you total support, stunning styling,

constant comfort and a extraordinary fit. Often it's underwear that demonstrates your

true elegance from the inside. Find Playtex's beautiful designs on our site. Please get

the measurement right, and so that you can enjoy the superior comfort that you

deserve. There is no words to describe Playtex 18 Hour Airform Comfort Lace Wirefree Bra 

as it is the

unquestionably a collection designated by classiness, well-fitted designs, and comfort.'

These full figure styles come in a wide range of style and designs, with and with a

underwire thats plus size Playtex Secrets Full Figure Under-wire Bra with out a doubt.

Why skimp? Playtex 18 Hour bras, have it all. A comfortable, all day supportive fit

that looks just gorgeous. No other bras can overcome the Playtex 18 hour bras. This

no wire bra by Playtex has been fashioned with full, soft cups cut with satin. Styled in

a non-sheer, jacquard fabric, it features wide, lightly padded straps for comfort and a

five hook rear fastening for support. It also features extra charming, feminine

detailing like embroidery and lace. And, of course, many comfort extras such as wide,

stay-put straps and cooling, breathable materials. The fit,made for comfort and

splendor can definitely be the elements that make Playtex a best seller for so very


Lastly, a bra that gives you comfort, a smooth figure, feminine detailing, and most of

all, fit versatility for your one-of-a-kind appearance. Exciting and a little wild, Playtex

Thank Goodness It Fits bras give you more fit alternatives with half cup sizes in

between regular cup sizes A, B and C. It is not easy to find the right bra that can

guarantee you the comfort and no wardrobe malfunction such as the 'slipped' nipple.

So, this perfect fit bra is a must have and you can wear it with bold confidence.This

bra also appropriate for an active female , and it is the perfect bra for you to wear

clubbing. Supercharge your naughty side.

Women globally have heard of Playtex bras, made prominent by Cross Your Heart

and 18-Hour Bras.'Playtex bras offer comfort, style, and low cost, but most

important of all, there is a style to fit almost every woman's size, shape, and outfit.'

Manufacturers have enhanced the fit with new engineering methods, half sizes, and

plus size bras.'Browsing the collections in our site will give you a sense of what this

brand has to offer.


In late 1991, Playtex Apparel was acquired by Sara Lee and got progressively integrated in

the Sara Lee's Branded Apparel Division. In 2006, Sara Lee spun off its clothing sector into

HanesBrands Inc., which now runs the Playtex apparel business, as well as other clothing

brands such as Hanes and Champion. The exception was the European portion of its branded

apparel business which was sold to private investors. As a consequence, European Playtex is

now operated along with other brands under the company name of Db-apparel,

independently from HanesB

Playtex Women's Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Full-Figure Underwire Bra Us4823

  4 stars
Go on. Wear this Playtex bra with your number one V-neck styles. Ultra dainty cushioning adds shapely help without appear on the other side. Also, it's flawlessly smooth, so it's ideal with tenacious knits.

Playtex Women's Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Full-Figure Underwire Bra Us4823

I definitely needed some new bras when my old ones were so stretched out in the straps that they wouldn't hold me up well enough no matter how much I tightened them. I used to buy expensive bras but I wanted to look for less expensive options that are still good quality. I've seen Playtex bras in the stores for many years and figured I would check them out. I tried out a different Playtex bra which I didn't like as much so I decided to try this one. I love it so much I ended up purchasing seven of them in different colors!

This Playtex bra is exactly the bra I wanted! It is a balconette style, which is perfect if you have shirts that might dip down a bit so you shouldn't have to worry about showing off the bra cups. It has underwire that helps to keep the girls in place and so far, it feels very comfortable. I haven't had any problems with it popping out. The straps and cups are lightly padded, which is just what I wanted. I don't like bras that are heavily padded because I am a 36D and I don't need to add any more bulk on top. It has a triple-hook closure with three hooks for each of the three sizes for a total of nine hooks. The straps are adjustable and the back of the bra seems very breathable and looks like it is made of mesh. This bra is made of a mixture of nylon, spandex, polyester, cotton, and polyurethane foam. Washing instructions say to hand wash cold and line dry. I always throw hand wash items in a lingerie bag in the washing machine, line dry them and I've never had a problem. I've washed these bras a number of times like this and they still are in great condition. 

1980 Playtex Bras Vintage Magazine Ad Page Sexy Woman in Bra Open Blouse |  eBay

Playtex bra 4421

Playtex Women's Secrets Cottony Gel Comfort-Strap Bra

Cushioned gel-filled straps for ultimate shoulder comfort,hidden side support for lift,straps that stay on your shoulders

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Gel Comfort Strap Wire Free Bra

Cushioned gel-filled straps for ultimate shoulder comfort,
 ordered this bra in an effort to conquer the problem of constantly-slipping straps I'd been battling for years. This bra definitely delivers on that front. The straps don't slip, even after repeated wearings, and in any weather. It's comfortable, attractive, and very supportive.
I'd give it five stars if it weren't for one problem: poor coverage. There is next to no padding at all in the cups, and this leads to some very revealing situations, especially if it's chilly...if you get my drift. From the picture, you can't tell that the cups aren't molded, but they aren't--they are soft cotton with a lace overlay. I'm working on a way to rig some sort of insert or something, because I hate to have to give this bra up!
Also, please note that the bra is pretty stiff and tight upon the first wearing, at least it was for me. It took a couple of days to "break it in," but after that, it was really comfortable.

Womens Playtex Collection | Freshpair

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Full Coverage Bra #4693

4 star bra 9000 reviews
27 colors
Look at the number of sales its amazing since only 1 out of 10 people send in a review, this is one of the best all time selling bras.Delivers comfort and has pretty deluster cups with lace accents. Soft shoulder cushioning provides relief from strap dig-in and lasts wash after wash Fabric Details: Cups Band Interlining Strap: 100% Polyester, Frames 90% Nylon/10% Spandex,Band Lining 50 % Cotton/50 % Polyester, Back Band Facing 84% Natural Rubber Latex/16% Nylon

Playtex Women's Plus Size 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra #4693, Black, 44 DD

I have been searching for a comfortable, wireless, supportive, inexpensive bra in a large cup size for a couple of years now. I ordered this one hoping for the best. Here's what I have found:

1. Support - Awesome! My girls are where they belong! I don't feel them bouncing around when I'm moving about.
2. Comfort - pretty good. The band around does dig in to my side at times because the band is too tight. The straps also dig into my shoulders, but I have very heavy breasts.
3. Fit - get a size bigger in the band than you normally wear. I bought this in the same size as all my bras, even the one I bought in a different brand with this order. All my other bras I have to use the smallest length. This one I am on the last hooks and it's still a little tight. The cup size fits well. I do not have the girls sneaking out. The back does allow for "back breasts" when fitted too tight.
4. Price - can't beat it!
The absolute best thing about the 4693 is that it comes in an expansive assortment of excellent hues - something that is uncommon in bras for large busted ladies. So I'll presumably buy a few in different hues. Not wild about the style, yet I can't avoid an opportunity to break out of the "dark, naked, and emergency clinic white" mode that most bra styles have me caught in.

Playtex jazzes up bra styles, colors for Millennials

Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap wirefree bra offers exceptional support and outstanding comfort. It's TruSUPPORT design provides ultimate 4-way support: higher sides for coverage; fuller cups for natural shape; wider straps for all-day comfort; and smoother back for stability.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Full Coverage Bra #4803

4 star bra 3,000 reviews
18 colors

Another sales record breaking bra from Playtex.This wire free bra incorporates consistent and breathable covering in back and cups.18 Hour presents the following advancement of pretty – where bolster meets excellence. An exquisite style melding smooth textures and ladylike components while conveying the physical and enthusiastic help she needs and wants.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra, White

The most agreeable bra I've had in quite a while. I was completely weary of underwires. Underwires that rub and disturb and fly at the most in ideal occasions abandoning you with one boob down and one boob up until you can return home and change. 

Underwires that jab through the material under the arms and wound you. 

I am DONE with underwires. 

This is the main bra I have ever possessed that is remote, and I am so satisfied I plan on getting one of each shading and wearing them solely. I am a cushioned lady, and this stays set up and holds the filthy pads up and in. I can pursue my grandson over the yard without giving myself a bruised eye. Furthermore, the cushioning is extremely slight, which my husband likes. He has dependably called my different bras "Stronghold Knox" in light of the fact that there is so much cushioning it makes the boobs areola less, regardless of how chilly it gets. Presently on the off chance that you don't need the pinch nips to ever appear, this isn't the bra for you. The main drawback is that it runs somewhat little. I have worn a 40D for quite a long time, however this one is tight on the last column of hooks so next buy will be a 42D.

Playtex Love My Curves Original Balconette Underwire Full Coverage Bra #4823

5 star bra
Proceed. Wear this Playtex bra with your preferred V-neck styles. Ultra dainty cushioning includes shapely help without show through on the other side. Furthermore, it's consistently smooth, so it's ideal with clingy weaves.
This bra is the best I've at any point possessed. I have one in pretty much every shading sold and have been wearing this brand and style bra for a long time. The straps never slide down my shoulders and I've never had a wire gotten through the material. They're pretty bras as well.

Playtex Women's Secret Body Revelations Underwire Bra, Classic Holiday red, 42DD

At last something that fits perfect!
Hook and Eye closure
Hand Wash
Go ahead, wear a sexy open-neckline outfit. This balconette bra with wide-set straps won't peek out
Contoured, seamless foam cups with hidden underwire give you a smooth and shapely look under your clothes
Cotton-lined adjustable comfort strap bra straps help relieve pressure on shoulders
Balconette styling with wide-set straps and low-cut front won't show above open necklines
Back: 81% Nylon, 19% Spandex; Lining: 100% Nylon; Cup Linings; Strap Extension; Pad: 100% Polyester; Center Belt Lining; Side Back; Lining: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex; Sling; Strap; Extension: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex; Strap Extension

Find Your Best Fitting Bra

Wrap the tape measure around your chest at the fullest part of your break. Subtract your band measurement from this number. If the different is 1”, then you are an A cup; 2”, then you are a B cup; and so on, through DDD.

playtex girdle - Vintage tv commercial - YouTube

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire-Free Bra

The Playtex 18 Hour Series introduces a distinctive uplifting bra that works all day to offer supreme lift and support. The comfortable wire free design and style lifts and supports from the bottom to deliver a great all-natural shape. Playtex 18 hour presents a unique uplifting bra that works all day to give lift and support.

100% Nylon
Hook and Eye closure
Hand Wash
Make the most of your curves! Lift panels in cups five beautiful natural-looking shaping
TruSUPPORT bra design delivers comfortable 4-way support-in a gorgeous floral jacquard fabric
Cushioned straps papmer your shoulders and stay put

I have to say that I have ultimately found the most comfortable bra, for me!! Every little thing about it fits great. The straps support so no bounce when going for walks, plus they don't slip off my shoulders, and the band fits well and doesn't ride up. The cups are not only cute but they support very well.

Jane Russell--Playtex 18-Hour Bra and Girdle Commercial - YouTube

The Playtex 18 Hour Collection introduces a unique uplifting bra that works all day to offer ultimate lift and support. The comfortable wire free design lifts and supports from the bottom to provide a great natural shape.

Playtex Secrets Body Revelation Under-wire Bra with Lace

Gorgeous lace cups make this bra by Playtex Secrets a ultra pretty way to get the ... Playtex Secrets Body Revelation.

Love this bra total comfort and support you forget your wear a bra.

The Body Revelation Bra. Stunning beneath V-necks. Go onward. Wear this Playtex bra with your popular V-neck variations. It has wide-set straps and a low-cut front side, so it won't exhibit above open cleavage lines. Plus, it's seamlessly sleek, so it's ideal with clingy knits. Seamless shaped cups give you effortlessly voloptuous curves. (They're lightly padded, too, for additional support and coverage.) Streamlined hidden wires add comfortable, complementing lift. Padded cotton-lined straps help ease pressure on shoulders. Silky sides and back stretch for exquisite fit. Extra details: NOTE: Formerly called the Playtex Secrets Balconette Underwire Bra. TruSUPPORT™ bra style offers comfortable 4-way support. Straps adapt in back. (Famous Comfort Strap® bra design.) Back close has up to four rows of adjustable hooks and eyes. Same as Playtex bra retail style 4823.


THANK YOU !! I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THESE FOR A LONG TIME. This is my first time ordering on line, and am thrill withed my purchase. They fit perfectly, do not ride up or pinch any where.

The Body Revelation Bra. Beautiful under V-necks. Go ahead. Wear this Playtex bra with your favorite V-neck styles. It has wide-set straps and a low-cut front, so it won't show above open necklines. Plus, it's seamlessly smooth, so it's perfect with clingy knits. Seamless contoured cups give you naturally shapely curves. (They're lightly padded, too, for extra support and coverage.) Sleek hidden wires add comfy, flattering lift. Cushioned cotton-lined straps help ease pressure on shoulders. Silky sides and back stretch for flawless fit. Additional details: NOTE: Formerly called the Playtex Secrets Balconette Underwire Bra. TruSUPPORT bra design offers comfortable 4-way support. Straps adjust in back. (Famous Comfort Strap bra design.) Back close has up to four rows of adjustable hooks and eyes. Same as Playtex bra retail style 4823.

1985 Magazine Print Advertisement AD Playtex Made for Me Bra Perfect 35  Girl - Advintage Plus

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Playtex Play Ultitasker Wirefree Bra  ratingImage

Playtex Play Ultitasker Bra. Get comfortable and supportive sports Bra for your active lifestyle

You probably would not go jogging in any outdated pair of shoes so DON'T work out in just any

old bra, a properly fitted sports bra like the Playtex Play Ultitasker is an crucial piece of work out


Without a perfectly fitting supporting sports bra your breast will unquestionably jump around

during physical exercise, as there are no muscles in your busts. This is incredibly unpleasant

and can over time cause your breasts to have significantly less uplift. Your busts can move up

to 12 cm up and down, in and out and side to side during physical exercise. This type of

movements can cause permanent damage to your bosoms triggered by the side effects of

gravity. Once the Cooper's ligaments of the breasts stretch out, which is the only ligament that

stops the breast from sagging, there is absolutely nothing you can do to reduce them once

again. I am sure no one wants to have saggy breasts for a lifetime! A excellent fitting sports bra

such as the Playtex Play Ultitasker can reduce the movements by 60%.

The Playtex Play Ultitasker Wire free Bra 4882 has a non-stretch

molded cup that's lined with

ventilated fabric. Convertible straps remove in back for a crisscross

back style. Playtex Play

Ultitasker Wire free Bra is made of polyester/spandex.

This is what I've been looking for. I don't like the sport bras you pull over your head but wanted

one where I can fasten it like a regular bra. This bra fits great with soft fabric and great support.

Washes very well on the delicate cycle and I hang mine to dry. I would recommend.

I was pleased the Playtex Play Ultitasker fit as I wasn't too sure what size to order!

I was wearing some of the "As seen on TV" over the head bras and they were pretty good

except the liner pads wore out and hard to put back in, also the straps were unattractive; like a

sports bra.

I really like this one and plan on getting more.

Playtex Women's Play Ultitasker Wirefree Sportsbra

                The first one I bought and tried it on I just loved it. It is comfortable and does not cut into you. It is a very good sports bra. They are well worth trying on. 


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Playtex Sports Bras

 More playtex sports bras

The Playtex Play Outbounder Wirefree Sports Bra 4885 provides you terrific support and design in an exemplified, molded cup. Straps adjust in back with silvertone metal hardware. Playtex's Play Outbounder Wirefree Sports Bra has straps that are positioned close together to prevent strap slipping.

Want to purchase more just love this bra great support very comfy.

The Playtex Play Funwinder Wirefree Bra 4888 has a comfy, breathable 2-ply material design. Stretchy cups are encapsulated and gently padded. Transforms to crossed back. Playtex's Play Funwinder Wirefree Bra is designed of moisture wicking knit nylon/polyester/spandex.

Fits like a glove and is very comfortable.

The Playtex Play The Vacationer Bra 4997 has flexible molded cups with a vented, breathable liner. High sides and back smooth you. Straps transform from traditional to crossed back. All day Dry knit wicks moisture aside. Playtex's Play The Vacationer Bra is designed of nylon/spandex with polyester/spandex lining.

The Playtex Play Zip Zip Hooray Wirefree Bra 4886 has a practical front-zip closure and cooling air flow panels. Playtex Play Zip Zip Hooray Wirefree Bra is tagless and non adjustable. Designed of All Day Dry knit of polyester/spandex.

Rather fantastic control and support. I am a 34DDD and the medium is too large, so continue to keep in mind if you're considering of choosing this manufacturer and design.

#Playtex bras are a world renown collection that is a component of American underwear and bra

design heritage. It started in 1932 and has become one of the Hanes brand garments lines.

Comfort, support, and fit are features treasured and marketed by Playtex in its famous bra

collections such as Cross Your Heart Bras, Playtex 18 Hour bra and Playtex Secrets bras.

Playtex has choices to fit every physique, which includes plus size styles, half sizes, and

nursing bras


Playtex bra, 18 hour Playtex bra, Playtex Secrets collection, Half Sizes collection, Playtex Feel Beautiful, Cross Your Heart,

 Playtex 18 Hour Airform Comfort Lace Wirefree Bra 4088

The Finest bra I ever purchased

The Finest bras I ever purchased! They are comfortable, lift my girls, give me a waistline and are so pretty and dainty. I have looked so long at many stores and websites for the right bra and I have finally found it. I highly recommend these bras for any age and size...well worth the money!!

The ideal bra for women who want a stunning look without compromising comfort or support. The gentle embroidery, scalloped border and satin trim means this Playtex 18 Hour bra appears every bit as superb as it feels. 100% Polyester, Imported, bras closure, Machine Wash, Airform material straps, lining and back offer light-as-air comfort, "No-Slip" straps won't slip off your shoulders, Four hook-and-eye rows offer highest possible fit flexibility

#Playtex #18 #Hour Airform Comfort Lace #Wire-free #Bra

As viewed on "The View," the Air-form material straps, lining and back deliver breathable, light-as-air comfort. The TruSUPPORT design and style offers four-way support with full coverage cups, higher sides that smooth, wide comfort straps and a smoothing back.

Been paying way too much for this bra in the store. Will definitely be buying through this method going forward. My go to for many years so I love the fit and look. Love the lower price and ease of just ordering for delivery! Thank you for great experience.

Bra ads to remember! – Bra Doctor's Blog | Now That's Lingerie

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                           Playtex Secrets ® Underwire Bra

Playtex Side Smoothing Embroidered Under wire Bra ratingImage

This under-wire bra is developed to eradicate bulges, provides clothing versatility so you can wear anything you want.

Playtex knows bras and fit better than anyone. Just about every female has a distinct size and shape, so enough with bras marketing on their own as 'the bra for all female's. Playtex understands that you want a exceptional fit, sleek shape, and a captivating feel.Playtex 18 hour Bras deliver full-figured females all-day support and comfort. Comfort is enhanced with significant impact absorbing straps

variable support sections and simple, breathable, bendable fabrics. Playtex 18 hour Bras can come in an captivating wide range of colors and in styles going up to 46 G. Embroidering, laces and ribbons, flower prints, see-through  and luxurious silky surface finishes greatly enhance the elegance of this underclothing. Choose styles with or without under wire, with returning or front closing, and luxurious cups.

I have always loved Playtex bras. I love how the under wire cups fit me & shape me perfectly. The bra is so comfortable I love wearing it ! It washes up very well on delicate cycle & my Playtex bras have always fit great & support me just right.

Playtex Women's Secrets Perfectly Smooth Underwire Bra

Hand Wash All-over smoothing for an undetectable look under outfits

No-slip comfort strap design and style straps stays on your shoulders

Silky sides and back delicately smooth away bulges. (The secret's the two-ply design, with stretch for flexible fit.).


Presenting full-support bras that dissolve into your skin and provide all-over smoothing. This bra options smooth seamless cups that vanish at the neckline and side-smoothing wings for an undetectable look under outfits. Playtex Wirefree Secrets Perfectly Smooth Bra.
 #Great #bra, #good #coverage and #sexy cleavage. No show through with this bra. Very comfortable and stylish. Love the Dusted Berry color.Great Bra. Love the support & coverage. Pretty and Sexy. Lots of good colors. No headlights showing with this bra. Makes me look good in all my tops.

Playtex Women's Secrets Perfectly Smooth Wire Free Bra,White Stripe,36DDD

Playtex Seamless Smoothing Wire free Bra

Playtex 18 Hour wire-free bra has a floral jacquard pattern, Cool Driwicking technological innovation in the cups, back and side seamless smoothing for a conservative look.

This is a very comfortable bra. I can wear it all day without it digging in anywhere. The straps are wide enough that the sit comfortably all day. Love it.  Playtex has employed a fitting expert to synchronize with a amazing stylist, in order to develop and provide the most satisfying bras in numerous collections. You have all the solutions with a Playtex bra.

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I really like the bra, it is very #comfortable bra and I had a hard time finding more of my size and color and Her room had them with no problem. Highly recommend if you find a bra you really like and have any difficulty finding, get the #bra. 

Introducing Playtex 18 hour undercover slimming with innovative slender panels. The slender panels deliver the latest in side smoothing for a slimmer-looking silhouette. This bra is designed with the Playtex four-way true support design, making it easy to feel gorgeous and comfortable all day.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Undercover Slimming Wire Free, Black, 40DD

Playtex Cross Your Heart Lightly Lined Soft Cup

I've been wearing this Bra style for many many years. Fits well, wears well and is reasonable priced. Only wish the taupe would be more readily available. This bra fits well and is very comfortable. As this style can be hard to find in stores, it is nice to know where I can get one and quickly, too. My order was placed on Monday and i had it by Friday even though it was the Christmas season. Thank you for the great customer service.Till this day i can still remember the cross your heart commercial blasting across the TV years for the Cross your heart bra and it is still in high demand. Under wire bras are not for everyone. Start out your days ready to overcome the entire world in a bra that makes you feel so relaxed that it brings energy to your working day. Get complete lift from the trademark Cross Your Heart collection. The criss-cross fit gives you additional support and exclusive styling. The bra is lightly lined for added comfort. And not to mention, they are incredibly lovely! Come to feel as good as you appear in this nurturing collection.


Just what I requested! I have been looking for this bra for a long time-it's the only bra I have ever worn that fits me just right. Used to be able to get it at Walmart, but they don't sell them anymore. Been wearing this bra for at least 15 years, and am delighted to finally find it again! Thanks so much!

A vintage commercial for playtex bullet bras. Thought you all might like  this. :) | Cross your heart bra, Playtex, Bra inspiration

Seamless cups show smooth under firm fitting outfits. Sides and back expand for a comfy fit.

Style #655. Our best selling Cross Your Heart bra! Prominent cross your heart structure lifts and separates for more normal curves under garments

This Playtex Lightly Lined Bra features seamless cups that provide a smooth, no show through look! Product Features: Seamless lined cups  No wire  Featherlight lining provides a smooth, no show look  Stretch sides and back add comfort  Adjustable stretch straps on A-C cups  Cup, fiberfill: 100% Polyester  Cup lining: 100% Nylon  Center, back: 86% Nylon, 14% Lycra Spandex

Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wire-free Bra

The 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra by Playtex features straps with a wider design and style for better support.

Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wire-free Bra (4693). This top selling bra has built-up, cushioned Comfort Straps to alleviate shoulder stress and help protect against strap ''dig-in''. Wireless, soft cups support and contour your busts. Shiny jacquard soft cups have floral lace highlights under the breast and in the backside. Soft, under bust support band. Unique Playtex fabric (Spanette) at sides stretches in each and every direction for comfortable support. Seamless sides for sleek look beneath clothes. Side support panels for extra support. Leotard back. Built-up shoulder straps adjust in the backside. Presents comfort and support without the wires! Please note: this style is very similar to Playtex style 5213 which is only sold in Walmart. Hook count varies by size. See our Fitter's Comments below


This bra is extremely comfy. The straps are broad enough to be comfortable and I sense that I get a lot of lift and support. Adore this bra!It had taken a very long time before I could come across a bra that fit me comfortably and was the appropriate size. Of all the bras I've tried out, this fits me best, particularly under the arms, and provides me the appropriate fit. I've generally found wonderful support with Playtex, plus the fabric does not make my skin scratch and turn red as some bras do. My purchase was easy to place on line and it got here a lot earlier than I imagined it would. Thank you.

Delivers comfort and has pretty deluster cups with lace accents. Soft shoulder cushioning provides relief from strap dig-in and lasts wash after wash fabric details: cups band interlining strap: 100% Polyester, frames 90% nylon/10% spandex, band lining 50 % cotton/50 % polyester, back band facing 84% natural rubber latex/16% nylon

Playtex Womens 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wirefree Bra(4693)-White-40DD

Other 18 hour bras include

Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Bra 4745 has seamless, wireless cups with support slings alongside the bottom and side of the cups for vibrant uplift that looks normal. Bra is designed of a non-stretch flowered jacquard material for a beautiful, elegant look. Support slings are top-stitched in place for resilience. Wireless bra is designed on a base with an elastic underband for outstanding support. Fantastic for full-busted and full-figure women. Playtex's 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Bra has wide comfort straps for daily wear.

Incredibly comfy. Fits fantastic! I purchased 2 and I am grateful I did. I would purchase this all over again.

The Playtex 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-flex Bra 4395 provides full coverage with sexy lace side support panels. Playtex's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-flex Bra has straps that minimize sliding and reduce pressure on your shoulder area.

The bra fits excellent, really delighted with purchase and rapid delivery.

The Playtex 18 Hour Sleek & Smooth Wirefree Bra 4803 has breathable liner in the cups, sides and rear. Playtex's 18 Hour Sleek & Smooth Wire-free Bra has cushioned straps.

I love this design - awesome fit, comfortable fabric. The straps are a little broader & I like that. Furthermore, it is elegant looking. 

The Playtex 18 Hour Stylish Support Wire-free Bra 4608 has 2-part cups with angled seaming and is designed of shining jacquard microfiber. Playtex 18 Hour Stylish Support Wire-free Bra is a a full figure bra with all the support you need to have.

This bra fits me perfectly, wears and washes very well. I have purchased a number of of them and they are always just what I want and like!

Playtex bras

Playtex Bras - ideal for all ladies Playtex was established as the International Latex
Company in 1932. It all started off as a manufacturer of bathing caps in Rochester, NY
and it soon broadened to create aprons, hot pads, slippers, makeup, and baby pants all
beneath the "Playtex" brand name. In 1954 the Living Playtex Lingerie Bras were
unveiled, which relished 40 years in the current market place.
Playtex also produced the size charts, which helped women get a better method to
what size they wore. They are responsible for creating the Eighteen hour bra and
Cross you heart brands. Which have been two of their bestselling bras over last 40
Playtex Bras comes in many various names and designs. Playtex Secrets, which carries
some of the styles such as Legacy Lace under wire and wire free, All That Glitters
under wire and wire free, and Forever Lace under wire.
Cross your heart has many designs that are much more of a seamless softly lined, or
support bra. Also, under this style, are light micro fiber, side shaping, carefully lined
seamless, and nobody's perfect bras.
Playtex also offers half cup sizes, for those in women with breast between cup sizes .
This can be found mostly in their Thank Goodness It Fits line.
Playtex also delivers the perfect bras for pregnant mothers. Their maternity line
includes additional comfort nursing soft cup and under wire nursing bras. Furthermore
they offer you under wire alternative nursing bras, which are perfect for support with
comfort. Playtex maternity bras feature flexible under cup fabric braiding providing
shaping, support, and absorbency. Made with custom numerous settings for a custom
fit as your body evolves.
Playtex has been around for years and proceeds to prove to be a better bra company
year after year. Some Playtex bras are made with silky or satin materials while some
others are made with just every ones favorite cotton. With its many styles and
designs, every female should be able to find what the fit she is looking for

Playtex offers 18 hours of comfort

Playtex bras are created to be comfortable and supportive for all ladies of all shapes and
physique varieties. Playtex creates a wide variety of bra designs to meet every woman's unique
prerequisites. With a little information, it is effortless for any female to decide on the bra that
most effectively suits her physique and style.
Playtex also creates several bras to cater to bigger breast sizes. The Playtex 18 hour comfort
bra, one of Playtex's most profitable models, is a superior selection for the fullfigured
This bra is offered with or without an under-wire, and has many characteristics to optimize
comfort and support. It has wide straps, a wide back closure, and is made of a soft, versatile
fabric to eradicate discomfort.
Playtex bras come in a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, microfiber, and lace. They are
moderately priced, and are offered at many retailers and online. With so many alternatives for
ladies of every shape, it is no question that Playtex underwear are among the most preferred on
the market place today.