Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Tailored Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra 09436

  4 1/2 stars 5 k reviews

I at long last discovered a bra that meets my requirements well. I'm a mother of 5 so my bosom arent full and enthusiastic by a wide margin. I have more skin than volume and one boob is around 1/2 size greater than the other. I initially purchased the Maidenform Comfort Devotion Demi T-shirt Bra style #09402 in store at Kohls however my boobs somewhat jumped out of the top. However, I cherished the attack of this bra so I searched for a full inclusion in a similar sort of bra and I discovered this Maidenform Comfort Devotion-Extra Coverage bra #09436 on Amazon. I requested 2 in my best size, 34C operating at a profit dark and another in white. The two of them fit great. Agreeable and my young ladies are topping out. Presently I don't feel unreliable wearing tight fited shirts.

Composed by my better half: These are the BEST bras! I two or three these bras a couple of years prior at a retail chain and adored them. I'm excited that I tracked down precisely the same bra on Amazon for not exactly a large portion of the value I initially paid! They are so agreeable, give extraordinary support, give the smallest measure of push-up and fit impeccably. Having breast fed three youngsters, I must have underwire and a little lift and this bra is awesome. The underwire is comfortable, the cups are cushioned barely enough for flake-out and the flexible straps are great since I'm modest at 5 ft tall. I'm 116 lbs and wear a 34C, and the 34C fits me impeccably. I energetically suggest this bra!!!

Maidenform Women's Comfy Soft Full Coverage Underwire Bra 09404

  41/2 stars 10k reviews
I'll be quick to concede that I disdain wearing bras and possibly wear them when going out!! Fortunately, this one is really agreeable and I don't end up checking during the time until I can take it off... since once it's off, I'm not going out once more! 

This has been my go-to bra a few years at this point, and I've generally requested them on the web. Inside the previous 11 months I have shed 101 pounds (low carb for the success, you all!!) which has made me decline in band two or multiple times, from 42 to 36. 

Each time I reordered this bra in a more modest size, and it generally fit impeccably. I do realize how to gauge myself for an appropriate bra fit, and this bra is consistently right on target with estimating.

I have been a Prime part for quite a long time. What's more, I have consistently done my examination by perusing huge loads of surveys prior to purchasing a thing however I've never left an audit... as of recently. This bra is marvelous! I needed to compose a survey about it immediately and yell it from the housetop. In the event that you resemble me and love your Victoria Secret bras yet are burnt out on addressing their lofty cost, you should attempt this bra. No untruth, it's stunning! At the point when I previously opened the bundle, it resembled my Victoria Secret's Body By Victoria Lined Demi-Buste bra. To such an extent that, I hauled my Vicky bra out of my wardrobe and did a correlation. I was correct, everything is something similar except for the straps, cup somewhat taller, and 3 snares stanzas 2. The Vicky's bra has ribbon trim sewn into the bra lash from the highest point of the tie down onto the cup. The Maidenform has delicate flexible straps. Truth be told, I thought they planned to delve into my shoulders however they haven't. The straps are in reality delicate and stretchy and much more agreeable than my Vicky's bra. The Maidenform cup is somewhat taller by 1/4 inch in the cup. Furthermore, the back lash is marginally more extensive and has 3 snares rather than 2. Also, the Maidenform appears to lift my young ladies up better than Vicky's. What's more, it appears to keep in my side and down fat better as well. I planned to snap a photo of myself in this bra. Yet, then, at that point I throught, each lady is formed diversely and holds their weight in an unexpected way.

Maidenform Women's Comfy Soft Full Coverage Wireless Bra 09456

  41/2 stars 1300 reviews

       Comfort devotion no-wire embellished demi bra with lift

Maidenform Women's Comfy Soft Full Coverage Wireless Bra 09456

Phenomenal fit, truly comfortable bra. No wiring except for cunning underbust froth forming. Twofold snare at back, exceptionally smooth sides. Simple to change straps. I have purchased a few of these and they are my best option. Look smooth under T shirts and fine textures. Not a profound dive front but rather reasonable for some neck areas.

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Maidenform Women's One Fabulous Fit Extra Coverage Underwire Bra

4 star bra

The Maidenform One Fabulous Fit 2.0 Full Coverage Underwire Bra gives the ideal measure of inclusion while Smartzone formed cups offer help where you need it most.

Maidenform Women's One Fabulous Fit Extra Coverage Underwire Bra DM7549

I purchased the genuine one first then in the wake of wearing it on various occasions acknowledging I'm not awkward or in desperate need to take it off I purchased two more as same style. Love them

Maidenform bra ads 

   1979 Ad Lace Nylon Sweet Nothing Maidenform Underwear Bra Panties Mode –  Period Paper

Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Tailored T-Back

4 1/2 stars 587 reviews
3 colors
Body: 64% Nylon, 36% Elastane
Rectangle Tape closure
Hand Wash
Underwire bra featuring convertible racerback straps with front adjustability
Comfort/support lined foam cups
Smoothing wing and t-back

The bra you will never need to be without. Our Maidenform Comfort Devotion Tailored T-Back reclassifies comfort with unrivaled delicate solace and unparalleled support.

I adore this bra and plan to purchase more in various hues. I'm a 36A, which is an actually hard size to discover. This bra is incredible for me as it compliments my expansive back and the front conclusion functions admirably for the hole between my bosoms (2 or so cm of breastplate between them, no cleavage for me unfortunately). Another extraordinary thing about this bra is that (up until this point!) the back doesn't appear to ride up, which is an issue I've had with a great deal of bras previously. No tissue hanging over the sides either. Not certain I could prescribe this bra for a bustier/greater breasted young lady yet it works superbly for me.

This is going to be the happiest review ever. This bra was my favorite bra for years! I wore them until the almost fell apart. Then I could not find it anymore. Looked for many years (really) then in my 40’s I started ordering under garments from amazon of all types trying to replace it. One day this bra popped up as a “compare” and I jumped for joy!! I ordered 4 and will probably order more.
It is a small coverage, front closer, racer back.
I am small chested but not small around so it is hard to fit me. Cannot say enough about this bra. I hate us women have to wear one, but this one at least makes me happy.
The bra you will never want to be without. Our Maidenform Comfort Devotion Tailored T-Back redefines comfort with superior soft comfort and unparalleled support.

Maidenform Women's Ultimate Lace Push-up Bra

4 stars 772 reviews
20 colors
Fantastic! Regardless of the fact that I don't like purchasing bras online, I was getting desperate and made the decision to take a chance. After weeks of trying on store bras and having all of them be uncomfortable or too little, I was ready to give up. I'm a
38D so trying to find a D cup with any padding really was quickly becoming a headache - apparently most firms just assume that D cups don't wear push ups but whatever.
I was meticulously optimistic when it arrived, but I'm so glad I took the chance! It's super comfortable with some padding, but not a ridiculous amount. This may sound a little weird, but the band felt super soft - I have really sensitive skin, so some bra bands feel really scratchy and irrating, but this one actually felt super nice. The only thing I could possibly grumble about is that the color is slightly darker than it is in the pictures, but I had the same problem with my camera, so I just shrugged it off.
Probably going to end up purchasing more colors in the foreseeable future.

Maidenform Women's Ultimate Emblellished Push Up Bra, Black/Body Beige,38D

I purchased a 32A imagining it would run a bit big on me (most 32A bras are a little bit big or the cup generates a pocket when I bend over a little) but this one fits perfectly! There is no pocket when I bend over or move my arms together. The material is very comfy & there is a good quantity of lift from the extra padding but it's not too much. As a small chested lady who has problems finding good fitting bras I would definitely recommend this one!!

Lace: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane
Hook and Eye closure
Hand Wash
Lacy, soft and sexy lift
Luxuriously soft, sueded-touch fabric
Supremely comfortable push-up with lightweight, plush padding
Sensuous plunge neckline

 Maidenform Live in Luxe Extra Coverage Strapless Multiway Bra

4 1/2 stars 77 reviews
The Live in Luxe Strapless bra is silky sleek plus conceal and smooth.
With convertible straps for six ways to wear it.
Smooth and extremely sleek under outfits, for no bra lines.
Ignore the fidgets! Stay Up Power® Band helps keep bra in place without dropping.
Extra Coverage for incredible comfort and a sexy appearance.
Stretch foam seamless padded wire cups support and form.

I'm an 'A' cup and it has been very complicated to find bras that fits and enhance's what I have. I hate wearing half/strapless bras usually because they have always felt unpleasant, and squashed me out. Took a chance on buying these due to other favourable testimonials here on Amazon. I was highly surprised of the comfort degree. They are so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing a strapless. The fit is perfect for my cup size. There is no gaping space at the top edge reminding me of how little I have to stuff in a bra...fits snug to my little buds. The wire does not dig into my flesh. The padding gives the perfect shape without the appearance of a padded bra...looks totally natural. Love it, and will definitely invest in another of the same bra.

Choose the smooth luxe extra coverage lift bra for a smooth look and everyday lift plus all the coverage you're seeking

Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion No-Wire Embellished Demi with Lift Bra

4 stars 15 reviews
2 colors

The ideal push-up provides you the coverage you want. The Comfort Devotion Demi Coverage Wireless Lift Bra options smoothing wings with an extremely soft liner that sustains and smooths the back. By Maidenform. Style.

Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Embellished Wire-Free Demi Bra, Ivory/Shell Combo,36C

Bra shopping has always been an issue.
Apparently her size is uncommon (32C) and has trouble finding the right balance of factors she wants in a bra. We found this in the local mall, but they didn't have her size. After we got it delivered from Amazon she loved it so much she had me order some more in different colors.
Says its very comfortable and breaths well. Has just enough padding, but not too much. It has no underwire. But has the support of an underwire without the discomfort. No signs of stitch pulling or wear after several months of usage.
1st time I recall her ever being totally happy with a bra purchase.

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Comfort devotion no-wire embellished demi bra with lift

#Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up bra 

4 stars 411 reviews

12 colors

Contour/t-shirt, underwire cup forms and supports with medium graduated padding along bottom and sides of cup for a vibrant and sexy overall look.The straps stay solidly in place too which is awesome. Love this bra and have purchased it in several colors. Can't beat it, especially for the price.

A provocative association of glossy silk and lace trim. You'll cherish Maidenform trim push-up bra planned solely with wonderbra for normal looking cleavage.

I have little boobs. It's an unavoidable truth, however they're two enthusiastic little bunches of euphoria that merit support as well! Discovering bras that fit my boobs, and I mean really hold them was constantly troublesome until I chosen to attempt a push up bra. I never attempted them since I don't have faith in false promoting... in the event that you realize what I mean.... Be that as it may, this bra is the ideal equalization of unpretentious and strong, yet my beau certainly supports. 

I've chosen to change out the majority of my bras for these, they're agreeable, I really have cleavage for once in my life which is NICE, and my beaus snatches my boobs all the more regularly now. I'm prevailing upon all!

Maidenform Fit to Flirt Love The Lift Plunge Push up Bra Peach/Ivory 34C

Now that I have 3 different styles of this bra (artesian blue, emerald/black caged, and beige fishnet), I notice they all fit a *little* bit different. Artesian blue gives me more cleavage than the emerald, and the emerald is the only one that's straps can be criss crossed. Lastly, because the beige fishnet band is more spandex than mesh, I felt that it created less back fat. Personal favorite is the artesian blue.

I gave this bra a shot because a) I love the 9476 smooth push up version and this has the same seamless and hidden wire, and b) it was highly rated. And I'm happy.

.This one has a lot more color and design options than the 9476 and fits pretty similarly.
.It also has more lift. I get similar cleavage in both, but this one holds them up higher.
.Unlike the 9476, this does not have a seamless band (but it does have a seamless cup).
.I also feel like I get more all around fullness from the 9476 than I do this.
.For the last two reasons, I prefer the 9476 for everyday wear but I very much still love this bra.
.There is ample padding but not so much that I feel ridiculous. More like if my boobs sat where they did when I was 20 and I had naturally round and full breasts, this is what it would look like.
.If you've got full, perky, and perfect breasts, you may not need this much lift or padding. But since the fat in my breasts has migrated to other areas of my body, the padding here helps give me the shape I covet and the fullness I need without making them look pointy and unnatural.

Maidenform Bras, Panties, and Shapewear | Maidenform

A sexy union of satin and lace. You'll love Maidenform lace push-up bra designed exclusively with wonderbra for natural-looking cleavage.

Maidenform Comfort Devotion Demi Bra

Adore this! I am smaller busted, 5' 8" 145 pounds and the 34A fits fantastic! Not too restricted, no super thick padding, just awesome and light for a little aid in shaping. The material is extremely comfy. Gonna buy more!


#Maidenform Comfort Devotion #Demi #Bra

So soft. Fit is wonderful--it is like it is not under-wire and it is. Fabric is so incredibly soft, you will not find softer. Feels great. I came back to get more.15 beautiful colors to choose from. Features silky soft fabric and lightly padded cups that shape your breasts for a great fit. I love this design and style! The material is amazing and the cups have the ideal amount of foam to generate a great appearance for under Ts. I also really like the fact that I can fit in either a 38C or 36D -- nice when there is a sale and popular colors go rapidly.

Maidenform Dream Ads – Iconic and Ironic | Envisioning The American Dream

The skin side is lined with a soft cotton. Very comfortable, also pretty.

               Maidenform Bras


Formed in 1922 Maidenform rebelled against the flat-chested styles of the time and alternatively manufactured both dresses and support lingerie, specifically bras that accentuated the natural shape of a woman's figure, as a result the name Maidenform was born.The company was founded in Bayonne, New Jersey, and although no manufacturing facilities remain in Bayonne today, some company facilities are still located there.[citation needed] In October 2007, the company's headquarters moved to a new location in Iselin, New Jersey.After going through a long restructuring effort at the end of the 1990s and early 2000s, Maidenform became a publicly traded company in July, 

 Everyone knows Maidenform your mother and grandmother wore Maidenform bras I'm sure and they till this day are still in style with their new designer look they design, source and market an extensive range of intimate apparel products, including bras& panties and Shape-wear. We sell comfort  and style at a price anyone can afford.


You will love the day-to-day comfort that Maidenform bras give, Maidenform bras

compare to any designer bra they are astounding and gorgeous and genuinely comfortable.

There amazing designs are reasonably priced, comfortable, and elegant. Using these designs

will keep you comfortable through those prolonged hours at work.

The Maidenform Custom Lift Demi Heather Lace Color burst Bra is a superb style in magnificent 

nylon and spandex blend of

fabrics. With adjustable removable straps, a pretty lace overlay which supplies this bra a

Cami-like the overall look. With lace sides for added beauty, this incredible style will look

stunning on you! When worn under your favorite sexy top, this great bra can peek out from

your neckline and show off some lace for added elegant charm.

The Smoothing Bra is beautiful for under $30 This streamlined design and style in a bra

is a component of The Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Plunge Push Up Bra.

 Each cup size of this bra has a

unique amount of life which is personalized to give you a natural form. With

adjustable contrasted straps, this amazing bra also features a contrast stripe at the top

of the cups. This underwire push-up cup with personalized padding will give your bust

the boost you want to feel confident all day long.

For an exciting and terrific Saturday and Sunday bra, pick up the The

Maidenform: Comfort Devotion Wire-Free Demi T-Shirt Bra

. This wonderful bra is gorgeous in a nylon and elastane mix of fabrics. In

ultra smooth components, this luxurious bra is seamless under a slim fitting T-shirt or

tank for style that will keep your form looking flawless, even on those days when you

have no plans.

If you like the convenience of a front-close bra, pick up the Front-Close Bra for . This

bra fits like a fantasy. In a lovely metallic color, this terrific bra will slim your

appearance and fall seamlessly over your curves to keep your farm looking incredible,

even under tight knit tops. This is a wonderful everyday bra that you can wear under

everything without giving it a thought.

For the perfect long line bra that is ideal for those exclusive occasions, pick up the

Maidenform Long Line Bra for under $40. This longline strapless bra will help you get a sexy,

feminine figure. In a blend of nylon and spandex, this great bra is strapless with

detachable, adjustable straps. Having an underwire push-up cup, this longline bra

features customized padding in accordance to your cup size. This option will highlight

your hourglass figure under your favorite outfits for that high class occasion. Keep your

confidence high by recognizing that your physique looks simply fantastic at this

terrific design!

For a Maidenform 34C Black Pure Genius Extra Coverage Underwire Tailored T-Shirt Bra

 you will adore, purchase the Maidenform 7955 One Fabulous Fit Strapless Bra. This bra

is complete with a lightweight mesh overlay with floral embroidery blooms with

beauty. With a picot trim that adds a feminine detail, this great bra is complete with

padded cups that offer a specialized fit for different cup sizes. The convertible,

adjustable straps provide styling options, while the vacant design lies easily under

clothing. With adjustable straps that will keep your comfort as a top priority, this

awesome bra is an excellent choice in black and nude lace.

These astounding styles of Maidenform bras with their top styles will look so beautiful on

you. These designs are effortless in their comfort level and also offer an alluring degree of

femininity, so this bra can be worn everyday without any comfort concerns, even after a

long day in the work place.Slide into a timeless bra with classic design and style in this

Maidenform Comfort Devotion Full Fit Underwire Bra or feel.Great  with a comfy fit  all day in the

Maidenform Sensual Shapes Push Up Bra. Our sales are great our selection excellent our service is fast. 

Maidenform Natural Boost Demi Bra 9428

Elegant clothes, high heels shoes or boots and comfortable lingerie -- these are just a few of the fundamentals in a woman's wardrobe. Finding the perfect lingerie is as essential as getting the right pair of jeans or the right pair of shoes. Bras, in particular, are some of the most complex things to go shopping for. Women of all ages search for comfort, fit and design and style -- and they will find these in Maidenform Bras. like a little boost now and then, Very comfortable bra and HerRoom is the only place I can find my size..The Maidenform Natural Boost Demi Bra 9428 features a beautiful lace overlay along the sides of the cups. Maidenform's Natural Boost Demi Bra has contour/t-shirt under wire cups with medium, graduated crescent-shaped padding along the bottoms and sides of cups

Maidenform Women's Natural Boost Demi Bra, Breakwater Blue/Black Combo, 38D


Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Plunge Push Up Bra 

The Maidenform company founders refused the flat chested bras of their time and gambled to step out and develop females underwear that assisted to outline for you the shape of a women in the incredibly most effective way .  You will see this exact same concept today in their line of merchandise, specifically in there bras.

The Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Plunge Push Up Bra 9443 offers you a lace overlay along the cups, sides and backside for a stunning appearance. Maidenform's Comfort Devotion Embellished Plunge Push Up Bra has contour underwire cups with medium graduated crescent-shaped extra padding along the bottoms and sides of cups.

Maidenform Bras, Panties, and Shapewear | Maidenform

Maidenform Women's Plunge Embellished Push Up Underwire Bra, Ivory/Gloss,36D

Maidenform Women's One Fab Fit T-Shirt Bra

4 star 1500 reviews

Body: 79% Nylon, 21% Elastane
Hand Wash
Smooth T-shirt bra featuring plunging neckline and underwire cups
Front-adjustable shoulder straps
Hook-and-eye closure at back

Our Maidenform one fab fit tailored demi bra is your ideal dailey bra

Adorable bra. Love the polka-spots. I requested it to supplant a comparable Maidenform model which I couldn't discover in the right size. This bra is marginally littler in fit than the other somewhat various models I was supplanting and that I requested in the meantime. Both the band and the cups are littler than anticipated, yet less that I can't wear it. In spite of the fact that it won't be my top choice.

Maidenform Women's One Fab Fit T-Shirt Bra, Beige,34 B US    

First of all this is the first time since I can remember that I really do have a need for a bra. I have been very, very ‘small’ and could get away with wearing just a camisole under a top (sometimes not even that). For years I used to hate wearing a bra, perhaps it was a result of my not buying the correct size and style. I’m 5’3” and about 103 pounds - give or take a couple and do need some coverage on the top. This style was the first one I tried and I used the sizing that was given to find my correct size (34C). I didn’t realize it was an underwire bra but when I tried it on the wire didn’t even feel uncomfortable. I liked this bra style so much that I bought several additional ones (all in basic colors like black, white, nude, navy). The style is cut low and I guess that’s the reason it’s called a t-shirt bra. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the clasp in the back has 3 different positions, depending on how ‘wide’ you need it to be (for me I was most comfortable with it on the first clasp, making it the widest). I won’t even say how much (or how little!) these cost - at least when I bought them. There isn’t anything that I would consider negative and would definitely recommend this style for everything, not only t-shirts!


Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra

4 1/2 stars 1700 reviews
over 20 colors 
 This demi bra is designed of luxurious material inside and out while exceptional lined foam cups deliver extraordinary lift and comfort. Extremely soft lace provides a touch of pretty style to this basic silhouette, while a built-up leotard back gives a sleek look under clothes.



Hook and Eye conclusion 

Machine Wash 

Cloud froth underwire cups feel astonishing 

Extravagantly delicate, sueded-contact texture 

Back and side smoothing for a smooth look under garments 

Additional coverage for mind blowing solace and attractive shape

The title of this bra tells no lies. I have worn it on a date, on a hike, during a 10-hour workday, and through a cross-country flight with a stopover where I napped on the hall floor of a rinky dink airport because that was where the outlet was. Never once have I needed or wanted to take it off. I got two at a department store for $40 each, which is already a good price for a good bra. and as soon as I saw it on Amazon at half that, I started replacing my other bras with more of it. It's soft, supportive, non-constricting, not unattractive, and tells nice lies about my shape. Bury me in it, basically. I realize I sound a little crazy, but as a DD, at some point I just accepted that wearing a bra would always suck, and now my bosoms are cradled by angels, in five different colors. So I have a lot of feelings.

15 WTF Maidenform Bra Ads And What They Mean

Maidenform Bras 

Maidenform has been a major participant in the intimate industry for a very long time and they proceed to adopt flirty design and style and contemporary design. Maidenform bras appeal to a large selection of women and they have an remarkable collection of bras to fit each and every physique.Maidenform's bra collections adopt the latest technological innovation while still remaining genuine to the traditional Maidenform beauty. The Dream Collection underwire, bandeau, bralette and wire-free bras emphasize your body’s all-natural form they are comfort motivated and luxurious designs. The One Fabulous Fit collection comprises of underwire, strapless and t-shirt bras that are fantastic for day-to-day and they feel great against the body with there soft fabrics. Wanting a little enhancement? The Custom Lift series is created to give you a customized fit with each cup size having its own exclusive lift characteristic. The result is a beautiful bust with a natural looking enhancement. Maidenform bras help deal with a woman’s most personal needs without losing sight of her wish for sexy and pretty underwear. Many Maidenform bras have pretty styles, silky fabrics and our trimmed with alluring lace. Go over and above functionality and enjoy your flirty character in a Maidenform bra.

Maidenform Women's Custom Lift Tailored Satin Demi Bra

4 stars  over 900 reviews
more than 20 colors
Body: Nylon/elastane, Back Lining: Polyester/elastane
Hook and Eye closure
Hand Wash
Contouring demi bra with seamless uplift, shaping, and underwire support
Sparkling rhinestones at center
Fleece-lined wing

One feel of the sleek satin material and you'll see why the Custom Lift Bra by Maidenform is such a consumer favorite. The exclusive padded cups are fashioned to add just the right amount of organic lift for your cup size, and the straps stay flawlessly in place. It's sleek and smooth fit is amazing.

So initially, I wasn't sure about this bra. When I opened the package, the padding didn't look like much. I'm a bit spoiled by VS bras and their UBER padding. Nonetheless, I tried it on and oh my god. First of all, my boobs look fantastic. More fantastic than they ever did in a VS bra. Second of all, it feels so freaking comfortable. It doesn't feel like I'm even wearing a bra. It feels like my boobs just magically stay up as if held by little clouds. This is a very fitted bra, so make sure that your measurements are 100% correct. Otherwise, welcome to boob heaven. 

Maidenform Women's Casual Comfort Wirefree Push-up Bralette

4 stars 107 reviews
5 colors
Cup: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex; Back: 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex 


Flexible conclusion 

Hand Wash 

Wire free for throughout the day comfort 

Lightweight lift for forming support 

Extravagant texture lining is delicate against skin

Maidenform Casual Comfort Wirefree Lift Bralette This fashionable wireless bra has push-up cups, drop neckline and elegant mesh accents. Made of nylon and spandex. Contour, wireless cup shapes and sustains with medium graduated, crescent-shaped padding along bottom part of cup for a vibrant, sexy look.

36A. I have a broad rib cage, armpit fat, deflated post-baby boobs, and decent pecs/lats from powerlifting. Needless to say, finding a bra that fits has been hellish. This bra is amazing. It’s high enough on the sides to reign in the armpit fat, and the shape/lack of underwire works with my wide chest and muscles. The shape looks great too - there’s zero uniboob. It’s cut low enough to wear with a v-neck shirt. Finally, it’s crazy comfy. I’m buying three more and throwing out all my old bras. I would never post a pic of myself topless on the internet except that I’m so happy I hope I can help any likewise placed women.