Fantasie Bras Styles

Fantasie genuinely acknowledges the requirements of the full breasted (rather than full

figured) female.

Fantasie bras are specifically designed to support fuller cup sizes in a wide selection of

particularly well-made, stunning styles - women with more substantial cup sizes, who do

not essentially fit into the full-figure classification. Smoothing and supportive, in band sizes

30 to 42, D to K cups. Fantasie was one of the initial corporations to acknowledge the

demands of All of the models serve a female with a full cup size, but not essentially a big

back size. Cup sizes range from A through J! Fantasie was founded over 70 years ago and is

an marketplace leader because of its dedication to developing gorgeous lingerie with a fit

that is the best in the lingerie business. Fantasie bras are available in many well-known

designs including smoothing, strapless, balconette, and convertible bras. Fantasie is one of

the specialist manufacturers who develop stunning, comfortable and extremely well-made

lingerie for women with bigger cup sizes. Fantasie utilizes European technical specs when

creating its bras; it is very essential to note how Fantasie's cup sizing applies to American


Fantasie Women's Seamless bra

4 stars over 100 reviews
66% Polyester, 21% Nylon, 13% Elastane.
Hook and eye closure
Smooth silhouette in this breathable T-shirt bra
3 column, 2 line hook and eye back again closure
Columns and series increase with size
Easy, stretch microfiber
U. k. cup sizes. See size chart for conversion.
A special and unique three-dimensional textile that provides ultimate comfort as it is lightweight and breathable while also offering a moldable and stable shape.

Fantasie Rebecca T-Shirt Bra, 34H, Cranberry

Fantasia best-selling, lightweight, breathable spacer collection. Rebecca offers a natural shape and uplift, finished with geometric embroidered detailing and soft satin bows.

This is the best bra I have ever owned, and I'm a curvy chick so that's really saying something. Unlike many t-shirt bras that are not supportive or full coverage, this one is full coverage without being dowdy and has hidden side sling mesh inside the cups to provide extra lift and shaping. High quality bra - is holding up really well and I already bought a second one. My #1 wardrobe staple.

Fantasie Women's Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra 4510

4 star bra over 300 reviews

51% Polyester/34% Polyurethane/7% Nylon/6% Cotton/2% Elastane
Hook and Eye closure
Hand Rinse
Bra with contoured cups featuring small bow features at straps and middle bust
Adjustable hook-and-eye back again closure; Contour - layered, shaped, underwire cups
Soft cups provide a planned but natural shape. Non-stretch center gore for additional support

This bra features smooth, contour cups to give a great bust shape underneath fitted clothes.
Fantasie Bra's Summary Review:
Band fit: Perfect. Fits snug/supportively without compromising comfort. It did take me a few days of wear for it to really fit with 100% comfort.

Cup Fit: Perfect. I'm not spilling out, nor am I swimming in it. It holds in all of my breast so no muffin top, muffin under, muffin side, nothing hanging out, no readjusting, it covers and holds in the entire breast.

Cup Shape: After a few days cup molds to your natural breast shape. Padding doesn't make breast appear larger it is just there to give better shape and coverage. This bra actually makes breast appear smaller by putting them front and center where they belong.

Straps: Perfect!! These straps can actually be adjusted all the way to the front right above the breast so if you are super short like me, no worries! This bra will fit.

Fantasie Serene Underwire Full Cup Bra

The Fantasie Serene Underwire Full Cup Bra 2231 options designed stripes on the cups and center panel for a innovative affirmation. The 3-part, underwire cups support and form the breasts without foam padding. Fantasie's Serene Underwire Full Cup Bra has cups with an embossed stripe pattern.
My definite perfect bra. I keep trying on others and coming back to this one. I reside in fear that they'll discontinue it. Why so perfect? Because it is incredibly supportive but, unlike most supportive bras, it isn't too much bra. I can still put on a shirt that is somewhat low cut. I don't feel like I'm wearing armor plating. It is plain enough to wear under t-shirts but is still fairly appealing. Great bra for a large chest. Oh and one more thing: it lasts and lasts. I typically have to throw out my bras after a couple of years. I own one of these that is years old and still looks like new.

 love this bra so much! Fits like a glove and lasts a very long time... I bought two several years ago and only had to buy a new one recently after losing weight/change in cup size. As a large breasted women, many bras just give me TOO MUCH cleavage, where I feel like I can't wear certain shirts or dresses. This bra keeps me perky without feeling like I'm falling out of my dress.

Fantasie Women's Alex Underwired Side Support Bra

Alex revives the roaring twenties with this uncomplicated yet gorgeous fan prompted embroidery detail.
The cups are going a little smaller. If you are on the bigger side of your measurements, think about moving up a cup size. Excellent for the lady who wants a beautiful, full coverage bra. As a large chested female, it's difficult to find a effectively fitting bra. This bra fits well and is pretty. I will be purchasing in more shades.

Provides my breasts (which are bigger at the bottom, shallow at the top) a awesome all-natural form and hikes them up to where I want them to be. Not pointy torpedoes and not round half-melons. More cute than sexy in the pink color, but I loved it so much I bought an additional.

Fantasie Rebecca-Nouveau Under wire Spacer Moulded Bra FL2042

 Fantasie's number 1 Moulded bra. Has: Underwired, Spacer moulded cup, with no adding to its size. Spacer material is light in weight and breathable.

Fantasie bras specializes in comfy, eye catching

and well tailored

bras for women with bigger cup sizes

under six separate brand names.With their unique designs like front hook,


strapless, shape-wear, push up

bra, plunge bra

and much more. Ultimately, your bra should

neither be too tight or too loose and must fit comfortably, moving normally with your body.The

relaxing textiles of Fantasie bra will just wrap you in a environment of comfort.

Super soft and comfortable. It holds my chest apart and high. Fantasie bras come in

diversified texture and consistency and you can pick out the appropriate one as per your

attire. Like you can use seamless bras for your t shirts

and tank tops. This Fantasie bra does

not have noticeable stitching and they deliver you supreme inner comfort. They come unique

styles and diverse colors.

The Fantasie Rebecca-Nouveau Under wire Spacer Moulded Bra FL 2042 options a
beautifully-embroidered center, undercarriage and sides. Seamless spacer foam cups give
you breathable comfort and light,modest coverage. Fantasie's Rebecca-Nouveau Under
wire Spacer Moulded Bra gives that breathable coverage you love in the Rebecca spacer
Th e Fantasie Rebecca-Nouveau Shorty Panty FL 2046 provides mid-rise coverage and has
contrast color floral embroidery at side front panels. Fantasie's Rebecca-Nouveau Shorty
Panty is designed of nylon/elastane/cotton. Designed to coordinate with the Fantasie
Rebecca-Nouveau Underwire Spacer Moulded Bra FL 2042.
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Fantasie Black Elodie Side Support Bra

Elegant with the ever well-liked side support bra and a combination of co-ordinates in subdued colors - the ideal day-to-day selection.

When you are planning to look for the style of a bra you may want, the cut and fit are the most
essential elements to be considered. You may decide on any style such as outrageous or
comfortable and convenience, any style is better only when it happens with the most effective
size and fit. Fantasie bras essentially cares about you and so the bras are offered in each
and every size you may need to have. While designing the bras,this is always the need they
are trying to fulfill You should be sure that the materials used to create the Fantasie Bras are
superior to other brands.
.I ordered this bra, along with several other styles. T his was the best fitting of
them all - the others were sent back. This bra is just gorgeous, but I was looking
for FIT AND COMFORT. I got both of those. It has straps that are substantial
enough without being too wide and thick. When I first ordered, they were out of
the neutral color so I ordered a gray/ivory lace color. I just ordered two of the
nude colors. I know this bra is a bit pricey but would you rather have a cheap bra
or one that is beautiful, fits and is comfortable. I wore it on vacation recently and
was comfortable in it all day. I wasn't always having to pull it down or pull the
straps up. Just sheer comfort. I wear a 40DDD.
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                                              #Fantasie Black #Elodie #Side #Support #Bra Excellent uplift and side support with great shape and separation. Well constructed and good full coverage. Beautiful too. I have it in four colors.    

  The Fantasie Elodie Control Brief Panty FL2385 smooths and forms you with moderate control. has gorgeous mesh embroidering along the front sides. Fantasie's Elodie Control Brief Panty has laser-cut back and side of leg openings for a sleek fit.

Good buy.                                       

Fantasie  Nude Smoothing Balcony T-Shirt Bra
 Completely seamless & sleek under-wire T-shirt bra

Now's the time to get gorgeous bras for your full-busted shape! This smoothing bra is a must for clean lines and beautiful shape under fitted tees and clingy clothes. The lined, shaped under-wire cups provide amazing lift and support.This bra is great for every day wear and can also be worn under light or sheer tops. Almost everything about this bra is great except that when the bra starts the wear out, the under wire pops out. I've owned three of these and the under wire has come out of each on but only after 8 months- 1 year of wear.

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Fantasie Seamless Balcony Bra

Over 500 sold Undie award winner

Now's the time to get gorgeous bras for your figure! Fantasie offers full busted styles that are pretty and functional. This smoothing bra is a must - the under-wire cups give amazing lift and support 
Been wearing this model bra from Fantasie for eight years, regardless of what size my bust has been. It looks great under clothes, and provides the right amount of support for me. It's a worthy investment!

My favorite everyday bra. I have three and plan on getting another. It gives support, classy cleavage (visible but not smashed together, busting out) and works well for saggy, post breastfeeding women. Works for most of my low cut shirts.

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Fantasie bras are a manufacturer focused specifically in the direction of the larger
breasted women and have been devotedly providing their niche since 1920. Fantasie bras
come in a full array of styles of cup sizes, with their styles being diverse from balcony,
seamless cup, underwire, full cup and moulded bras. For any female with full-sized breast,
at the very least one design and style from the Fantasie bra series is a must. Fantasie bras
has absolutely committed itself to the particular bra prerequisites of women with plus-sized
figures, countering the complaints from heavy-busted women back in the day that bra
corporations were not considerate of their sizing.
Like the F antasie Nicola Underwire Side Support Bra LOVE this bra! The side support is
the greatest! It keeps the bra from riding up in the back it is a great bra for large breast,
stylish also.The Fantasie Samantha Side Support Underwire Bra is superb. It fits true to
size. F antasie bras has specialized in comfortable, eye-catching and well-tailored bras for
women with more substantial cup sizes such as the F antasie Rebecca-Nouveau Underwire
Spacer Moulded Bra Seamless spacer foam cups give you breathable comfort and
light,modest coverage.I know this bra is a bit pricey but would you rather have a cheap bra
or one that is beautiful, fits and is comfortable but you must try the F antasie Black Elodie
Side Support Bra, I wear a 40DDD and love it. The Fantasie Storm Amanda Plunge Bra is one
of my favorites it has Great coverage and well made, Slightly padded, runs true to size and
amazing support.Make sure you have a Fantasie Nude Smoothing Balcony T-Shirt Bra in
your lingerie drawer The lined, shaped under-wire cups provide amazing lift and support and
it is invisible under t tops. Fantasie Nude Smoothing Balcony Bra F antasie looks fantastic
under outfits, and offers the right amount of support for me.F antasie Black Melissa 3-Part
Cup Side Support Plunge Bra i love the cleavage it gives me and the support is magnificent
it is a class bra. Fantasie Black Rebecca Spacer T-Shirt Bra 3-D Spacer fabric fuses
together two pieces of foam, so the cups are significantly more lightweight and breathable
while also lending fantastic support.If 3-D Spacer fabric fuses together two pieces of foam,
so the cups are significantly more lightweight and breathable while also lending fantastic
support then you need the Fantasie FL 2992 Robyn Under-wire Side Support Bra try it you
will love it.


Fantasie Black Rebecca Spacer T-Shirt Bra

This is not your ordinary bra! Fantasie???s revolutionary 3-D Spacer fabric fuses together two pieces of foam, so the cups are significantly more lightweight and breathable while also lending fantastic support. This is my second Rebecca bra because I love it so much. It fits true to size so I bought my usual 34E. The band is supportive and smoothing - doesn't exaggerate any lumps on your back. The straps stay put due to the back/band construction. The geometric-patterned accents on the straps and front of the the bra are subtle and never show up under clothing but they provide a bit of style. The cups themselves are unique - an eighth-inch-thick foam that breaths, flexes, dims headlights, and still supports. This bra gives a more natural shape than the Fantasie Moulded T-shirt bra so don't expect it to hoist you into your best Joan-from-Mad-Men shape. However, because of the flexibility, the bra is extremely comfortable, easy to care for, a delightful to travel with. The foam never gets dimpled or lumpy. It is a regular in my work and weekend rotations and I still get excited to put it on.

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#Fantasie Black Rebecca #Spacer #T-Shirt #Bra

About Fantasie

 Fantasie lingerie is developed and manufactured by Eveden Limited. We’re experts in creating gorgeous, comfortable and extremely well-made lingerie for women with larger cup sizes. We currently produce six brands: Fantasie, Freya, Freya Active, Goddess, Elomi, and Fauve, as well as Fantasie and Freya bra sized swimwear. These are available in over 20 countries across the world

Change your lingerie dream into a actuality when you put on a bra from Fantasie. Focusing on full figured lingerie, Fantasie creates high quality bras and lingerie for the curvaceous client looking for full support and comfort. Fantasie bras are fashioned with such details as seamless cups, balcony styles and under wires intended for full busted women. Many of the Fantasie bras are made with side support panels and multi-sectioned and reinforced cups to give the plus size purchaser the perfect amount of busts lift and support. This enables the bra to create an enhanced overall look, giving your breasts a frontward lift instead of allowing them to splay to the sides. 

Elastic under bands or under wires are designed in to every Fantasie bra along with optimum coverage and supportive bra cups to hold your breasts in shape. Fantasie bras are also intended to minimize back fat and offer you shoulder straps that deliver additional comfort and support. 


       Fantasie The top rated bra for Full cup women

 If you’re blessed with alluring curves, you may possibly find it challenging to track down lingerie that offers the convenience and support you need to have. All brands do not accommodate larger cup size bras and it can be frustrating trying to fit into a bra that just does not fit, but that’s why you need to broaden your perspectives. Try out Fantasie bras for support style fit and comfort.

The Fantasie lingerie assortment specialises in delivering bras for the fuller figured women, offering a wonderful selection of bras in cup sizes all the way to JJ. Their bras are fashioned with comfort and support in mind, taking into consideration the needs of larger busted women, to guarantee the perfect fit and giving you the supreme figure—with the right bra you’ll be able to really make the most of your figure, with it hugging your figure in all the right places for a truly spectacular outcome.

As well as being complementary from the outside, Fantasie provides bras that are worthy of being noticed from all facets. With beautiful designs and magnificent materials they certainly don’t fit the routine of standard plus size bra—styles not one thing has been jeopardized for comfort, because with this brand the concentration is on offering the perfect balance between the two.

With such a amazing array of styles and designs there is be something for everyone, with all possible demands as well as all preferences being catered to—you’ll find everything from plunge bras and balcony bras to T-shirt bras and strapless options, all coming in a gorgeous range of hues and designs with matching briefs for the perfect look. 

Make sure to look at Fantasie underwear and you’ll be able to flaunt your curves with delight, giving you bras that offer comfort, support and style for the perfect combination





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