Chantelle Bras 

The contemporary female looks for a top quality bra merged with elegant design. French

lingerie has constantly been in demand amongst females all around the world thanks to its

extraordinary skills in developing style and comfort. Chantelle bras manufacturers of

fashionable French lingerie. With an indisputable reputation and expertise of over 130

years, the corporation is exceptionally well-known all around the world for their trendy,

fashionable and yet comfortable lingerie.

Maintaining the excellent support,comfort and shape in mind, Chantelle bras are developed

not only in simple cotton material but also with high quality stretch materials that are

comfortable and digest sweat. This France based corporation understands quite well what

women anticipate from French lingerie. Their bras are a good solution to regular lingerie

and intimate attire that has no focus to fine detail and top quality. A great deal of lingerie

companies are settling for lace, and modern day, prints. The preference of materials relies

upon on the sort of feel that you wish to have against your entire body. There are also bras

that are made for different functions and varieties of outfits women will combine them


Chantell's collection of bras range from basic and active styles to those that are alluring

and innovative. The fabrics employed are well considered and many totally enhance your

breasts. There are bras that are designed for on-the-go ladies. T-shirt bra styles are also

made offered. Some brass target is to minimize or maximize the busts based on the

preferred effect each woman wants. The Chantelle lingerie collection also offers sizes from

small cups to full figured sizes with large cups.

Chantelle bras are offered in a variety of styles and materials. The several sizes guarantee

that there is a ideal bra for each and every lady, even if she wears plus size bras.

Chantelle's plus size bras provide a very good fit for greatly endowed females. These bras

deliver additional support and design that plus size ladies search for in larger size bras.

Chantelle features a massive selection of bras in numerous cup sizes.

On top of that, Chantelle has a collection of bras in traditional style that is appropriate for

just for any female. Fashioned with lots of ribbons and lace, these classic bras are

appropriate for women with old fashioned sex appeal and vintage preference. you get a

selection of bras that are suitable for day-to-day wear. For females with hectic routine,

there is exclusive t-shirt collection that is comfortable and supportive all day long and

maintains support all day, with her busy lifestyle.

Chantelle Women's C Naturel Seamless Unlined Bra

The c naturel seamless unlined bra is the perfect day-to-day bra. With its soft seamless cups and high mesh band, it is sleek under outfits while giving you a round, elevated appearance. This item is designed in France.
Chantelle Black C Magnifique Unlined Underwire Bra. ... Softly lined, seamless underwire cups minimize while however generating a curved, natural appearance; Full coverage cups consist of and lift up for worry-free support.

It fits so flawlessly! I ended up purchasing another one in the Ebony color.. Being a 32 DD is hard locating a bra that looks good, keeps up with the weight of your breast, and can feel comfortable to wear daily... I adore the lace, but occasionally it is nos as practical.. Love Chantelle bras! I did not find this model in France... Happy with the choice. I am wearing it right now!!

Chantelle Women's Festivite Lace Plunge Bra

Yet another 4 star bra from Chantelle with comfort style quality fabric and industry leading stitching. Great retailer. Received it very promptly. I have experimented with many styles and brand names. Most bras for 36F are not pretty, too much coverage, or just not comfortable. I like this one so much I have purchased more colors.

A alluring plunging center v neck and flat lace overlay on the cups make the Festivité Lace Plunge Bra simple to wear under any wardrobe or neckline. Casually lined .adore this bra! it is my new favorite, and I have bought it in a few different colors.
I really like the fit, and most of all how comfortable it is. I have it on for several hours, and it feels fantastic.

Chantelle Women's Parisian Unlined Plunge Bra

This is my favored bra ever. It is supportive. It fits so well and it doesn't even feel like I am wearing a bra, yet forms me perfectly. I anticipated not to like it because it's unlined and thin material, but it disappears under t-shirts and is the best bra I have ever owned. I just bought three more in different colors.

This fits very well and is lovely. The 4 hooks are a great feature. Lacy so not as smooth as the royal velvet? one that I love that sold me on this brand but has its place and stays put nicely with good shape under clothes.

Chantelle Idole Underwire 2 Part Cup Bra

Day-to-day support in this Chantelle under-wire bra (2-part cup); Flowery stretch-lace and mesh is gorgeous and comfortable; Lace sets flat and is smooth under outfits.

Chantelle's Idole 2-part under-wire bra combines complementary style and comfort. Top of cup has additional stretch to adapt to your breast size and form.This bra fits and feels fantastic.

This enticing #Chantelle Idole #Underwire 2 Part Cup #Bra, see-through flowered lace bra has medium coverage without having spilling over. Lace sits flat for a sleek, undetectable look under styles. Fantastic for day-to-day wear.

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Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

First, I can't believe that I spent 88.00 on a bra. Before now, 50.00 on a bra was regarded as outrageous to me. I'm terminally cheap. But I did it, and then complained to the air around me about how ridiculous that was.

Then it got here and I tried it on. HOW DO THEY MAKE A BRA LIKE THIS? I don't even know. All I know is that this bra is awesome. I have worn it almost every day since it got here a month ago and I need to wash it, but I don't want to stop wearing it. Guess I'll have to buy another one. OH DARN.

This is a very well made bra. The design is top notch, the fit is extraordinary, the support is incredible. (There may be anti gravity thingies installed in the cups. I'm not sure, but I have my suspicions.) I am amazed at how incredible this bra makes me look. It takes at least 15lbs off my frame and really enhances my bust and overall figure. This bra is likely the result of witchcraft and black magic but I don't care. I'm ordering another one.

This is a superb bra, as I've had it in other sizes. You will always look superior in this bra. Just make sure you hand wash it, not in the machine on hand wash setting, but by hand. While it holds up in the machine, it will soften it and stretch the elastic like with any bra. The design is best when it never goes into a machine. This is the very best and most comfortable bra I have ever had when I have the right size. It's very figure complementing.

I lost a little weight and tried a smaller size that didn't quite fit. The smaller cup size covered a smaller footprint (circumference) on my chest wall, and so I'll probably have to return this. However, that is not the fault of the bra itself and is just a complication of losing weight and the way your shape changes versus the way bras are sized. I ordered on Amazon for price, and if you know your size, it's a good strategy. I thought the smaller size would fit since the ones I had are getting too big, but it doesn't.

Chantelle Women's C Essential Full Coverage Smooth Bra

I had bought this bra in a different store locally and really like the fact there are 4 hook options on the back strap as an alternative of the normal three. Once I saw this bra came in purple, I purchased another one, bringing the total of the number of these bras I own up to four. Unlike some bras when I've purchased a different color, this one fits the same as the ones I already own.

Chantelle is one of my preferred brands for bras, very comfortable and lovely shape. This is a full-coverage t-shirt style with a pretty tall gore and wings. The band is firm with just a little stretch for ease. Anyone looking for the hard numbers with bra measurements, I recommend checking out, users enter several key measurements of bras they own categorized by size and brand. Absolutely a great resource and helpful for sizing decisions (I know a lot of people worry when they buy bras online that they will get the size wrong!) both general and specific.


Chantelle Basic Invisible Memory Foam T-Shirt Bra 1241

I have tried a lot of bras to finally get to the Chantelle Invisible Memory Foam Bra

. It is very comfortable and smooth against the body so outlines do not show. It also holds it's shape

after you wear it a few times. Great for everyday, also very durable, yet very pretty. I love this

T-Shirt bra. This contour underwire bra options memory foam padding in the cups, which

shapes to each breast for a much more even appearance. Creates a great travel bra, since

any wrinkles formed in packing vanish. Perfect for average to fullbusted

women. Sure to turn

out to be your beloved "go to" bra


I adore this bra. It provides plenty of support while still also looking cute.

The side support is very good for those with not as front and center

alignment. The cups have modest enough padding that I do not feel

exposed and the bra is mostly seamless except for the very well sewn on

bows that can be carefully removed if needed

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Chantelle Women's Plus Size Hedona Seamless Unlined Bra

This is a comfortable and nice-looking bra which fits perfectly, providing full coverage and support. I have tried many bras in my size 32 D that are made with very stretchy elastic and give little support. By the time one gets into a D cup one is looking for a little support after all but that is harder to find than it should be. I hope Chantelle never stops making this style. Worth the money, too. I bought my first one of these more than a year ago and it has held up perfectly. Sorry about the pun..

I have bought this before but never online so was unsure if it would fit as my others. It's perfect and I intend to order at least one more in a different color as it is cheaper than buying it in my store. It is the best fitting bra I have ever owned.

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 Chantelle bras provide the essentials

One of most seductive apparels- Ch antelle bra s can go a lengthy way in maximizing a
woman’s identity and incorporating sex appeal as well as classiness into it. Not only
do Chantelle bras provide the essential support to the bust but also enhance the
entire body shape, making you feel more self-confident than ever before. In truth,
with the appropriate Chantelle bra you can basically bring off any dress with style
and elegance. Every female wants to have the best fitting bra in order to greatly
enhance her appearance.
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Chantelle bras
Probably the greatest and most outstanding undergarments are Chantelle bras .Try the
of the
line high style made with French quality. Chantelle 30F Blue Danube C Chic Sexy Spacer
Bras are available in a variety of styles and fabrics. You
can effortlessly find them in unique fits and fabrics you want to wear. Your sex appeal
advertised and emphasized with the help of sexy Rive Gauche Full Cup Bra Sexy
Nude Pure Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra started out
being loved by high class women though they are desired by all women making them easy
find world wide.
Many women are so busy with their daily life and they hold full time jobs.
Chantelle Hedona Seamless Molded Underwire
Bra are
great for them and are great to present you with the soft feeling of a high quality fabric
you to feel like you have no bra on. They are invisible under your sheers tops and clingy
They offer different fabrics and colors along with many styles. Most women love to wear
bras because of the comfort and they are cool in the summer warm in the winter. This
them with the comfortable feeling and the sexier look.

Chantelle Women's C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer

The Chantelle C Magnifique minimizer bra is by far the best bra of this type I have ever owned. It is constructed with comfort and endurance in mind and makes my 40D chest look more "normal" instead of looking like I stuffed an already overstuffed bra like I usually do with regular bras-I definitely look like I've reduced my cup size by at least 1 1/2. The fit and comfort level are far better than Wacoal brand minimizers I have owned in the past and it provides excellent nipple concealment for a bra without padding.

It is certainly not a cheap bra, but with foundation wear you definitely get what you pay for and this is worth every penny.

**Update: as of 07/10/15, I have now owned this bra for 8 months and still have the same opinions expressed above, however, now that it is the middle of the summer in southeast Texas, I am experiencing some very un-ladylike sweating when I wear it. It is constructed of a unbreathable, non-wicking fabric and after wearing it for only a few hours, I am extra sweaty in "that" area and feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable. It is still a great bra and would purchase it again, but I am going to have to find one more suitable for the summer.**

Minimizers that have a smooth profile and leave a rounded shape and fit large busts (on both larger and smaller frames) are unfortunately very rare. Based on other positive reviews, I gave this one a chance and have since purchased several more. They are pricey, but I look for the cheaper Prime eligible colors that are more affordable. The fabric is a bit stretchy, as are the straps, but the fit isn't overly bouncy and it still provides good support. I wear a 44DDD, so I order the 44F, which is the UK equivalent. The cups are soft but with a very fine mesh layer so they are not sheer. There is not enough of a lining to provide coverage under a thin top on a cold day, if you know what I mean. In those cases, I've worn a camisole under my top and it's been fine. The bra does minimize, but not to the extreme and still provides a natural separated shape. I also will wear Elomi and Goddess bras, which provide great support but project forward, so I love the Chantelle when I need a lower profile. Really nice and I'd recommend giving this one a try at least, using Prime for free returns if you're unsure.

    Chantelle best of the best

       Chantelle is the most quality minded brand, when it comes to a top women's lingerie

collection. The Chantelle corporation is the top manufacturer of French bras with styles


designs that are elegant beauties sophisticated, they are known to produce the best in

class quality lingerie. There are specific variables that one should have in mind when

choosing a Chantelle Bra .

To begin with, the color of the bra is an important factor. The coloring of the bra should

not be vibrant enough to glow under your outfits. It should blend and coordinate well with

the color of the outfit you are wearing it with so that it stays invisible beneath your


Next, the right size for the perfect fit cannot be disregarded. Besides selecting the right

bra size, one should also choose the right cup size in order to boost the appearance and

prevent slipping busts from the sides.

In addition, the design of strap is also one very important factor. There are different typical

straps used. You should know them before purchasing so that you make the right decision.

The invisible plastic strap is one of these straps that are worn out with party dresses. The

strapless bra is also popular amongst women planning to wear a low cut or strapless evening

gown. There are numerous other designs and style of straps available in bra designs.

Whatever a person decides, it should provide the need you are seeking

Fourthly, the option may also rely upon the occasion for which it is to be worn. A bra


for everyday use should be comfortable enough to keep you cool the entire day while the

choice may differ, when it comes to choosing club wear or formal wear.

Whatever the occasion is, you should not forget that Chantelle is the best among all lingerie

producers. They have been able to design several styles and types of bra and underwear


women love, all ages and styles can easily provide something for her specific needs. As a

result, Chantelle caters to the needs of ladies with respect of comfort, style and design. It

even suits the taste of people looking for high fashionable top end products So, next time

you shop for lingerie, have Chantelle on your mind.                                                           

Chantelle bras reduce sagging and discrepancies

 Something gave us the perception that we wear bras only as a way to embrace and cover our


On the other hand, a bra’s genuine purpose is to enhance the rounded shaping

and give an upwards lift to reduce sagging and discrepancies. Although comfort and

Style has now become part of the bra movement, Chantelle delivers expertise in a

product to further more your outer beauty through clean-cut styles and comfort.

Being around since 1876, Chantelle has designed exquisite bras with a soft texture and

consistency that also provide invisibility with seamless cups. As one of the leading

brands of French lingerie in the entire world, Chantelle features cultural and tasteful

designs that replicate super-femininity for everyday wear. This progression of the

ultimate lingerie line is extracted from their deep expertise, gained from a long

history of production of magnificent lingerie, Chantelle starts with fabric

manufacturing which, progressed to corsets and then top rated lingerie. Chantelle is

convinced a woman should get to feel her best, be a taunt, and be carefully supported

without any discomfort.

Chantelle bras supply alternatives for every physique. Chantelle bras allow a woman to

be tall or short, big or tiny, yet she can still find a great bra satisfying her desires in

terms of fashion and size. Chantelle also has an amazing selection of the now in

demand demo and push up bras for the average and larges to the petite figured

woman. Chantelle's lingerie design people are as a team where each person is

engaged in the progression of styles and technical elements of each style. Chantelle

lingerie proceeds to innovate today by showing their customers a diverse providing

from a number of lingerie collections that keep women throughout the world in touch

with the seductiveness and the allure of French designed lingerie.

While Chantelles prices may be a little more than other brand names, they absolutely are

well worth your money. The extra comfort and amazing support will keep you

choosing Chantelle Bras first, for years and will last longer than any other bra on the

market if you care for it right.

Have a look at some hot items from Chantelle and you will see what we mean.


Chantelle Pont Neuf 3 Part Cup Underwire Bra 1381                     

The straps are comfortable, I like the support from the side which I've never had in a bra

before and I like the cup separation instead of "mooshed" together "cleavage

The #Chantelle

Pont Neuf 3 Part Cup #Under wire #Bra 1381 displays sophisticated embroidery and shadow

striping, with side support panels to help centre your busts and avoid side spill. Chantelle

Pont Neuf 3 Part Cup Under wire Bra 1381 has constrained stretch straps to decrease

breast movement or bounce. Chantelle provides a massive selection of bras from simple bras

to sophisticated fashion bras . Chantelle has a exclusive design and style in the way it

finishes the clothing of each and every women in each and every way.

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Chantelle bras deliver perfect, stunning designs that give you extraordinary support for

practically every situation. No matter if you want a seamless contour cup that is

undetectable beneath fine knits, plunge fronts for sexy shirts and gowns.Lingerie are the

most important aspect of a woman’s clothing collection. Just about every woman enjoys

feeling sexy and looking beautiful, her underwear takes on a very significant role. Lingerie

not only allows you feel self-confident and captivating, but it also provides comprehensive

support, proper form to your clothing. With a well-tailored bra, one can with certainty

carry off a fitted T-shirt or that magnificent cocktail dress

 Chantelle Bras/lingerie

Appreciate the supreme comfort and support with an variety of luxurious Chantelle bras

and briefs. Look through the possibilities in this fascinating line of lingerie to get the

appearance you want without compromising comfort.

Searching for a bra that gives full support, Underwire bras are a fantastic choice that

provides more voluminous figures a form-enhancing lift. Try a minimizer bra with full

coverage cups to decrease the overall look of your cup size, and don't ignore padded

comfort straps that won't slide. Rhinestones, satin bows and floral detail are just some of

the elaborations offered on these bras, giving you a more feminine feeling.

A excellent push-up bra is a must in your lingerie collection. A plunge bra helps optimize

the bust line, while detachable straps give you adaptability in planning your apparel.

Removable demi pads generate a extraordinary enhancement when you need it.

Unlined bras are fantastic for taking on a more organic shape. Cut-and-sew cup bras provide

allover lace embroidering that is both reserved and enticing. Many styles feature under the

arm stays for more substantial cup sizes, meaning the bra will never adjust into an

uncomfortable position. Wide bands also deliver a smooth shape in the back, while multiple

hook-and-eye closures stay secure for hours of day-to-day wear.

Enhance the appearance of your bra with a corresponding pair of panties. Bikinis offering

satin and sheer lace pair effectively with lacy cut-and-sew cup bras. If you want to be a bit

more bold, tanga panties have a wrap-around lace design and style from the sides to the

back, with a ornamental front panel and lined gusset for just adequate coverage.

Prefer complete coverage lingerie for day-to-day wear? A soft pair of hipsters or traditional

briefs is a popular option. These go-to choices offer a seamless fit with fragile lace trim for

a little elegant flair. Super stretchy microfiber has a magnificent texture that smoothes and

flatters .