What is a T-Shirt bra

A fantastic design and style for day-to-day use, the T-shirt bra is a favorite for every woman, simple and quick

easy on design. Somewhat soft and constantly smooth, the comfy cups maintain every little thing in check with a

smoothing design and style. Designed for a all-natural appearance without cutting back on support, the T-shirt bra

provides a pure, no fuss figure, and a refined, sleek line under everything.

Most T-shirt bras have cups that are padded with a very lean level of foam, which delivers shaping advantages

without having volume. This layer also offers modesty - concealing nipples even when you're wearing the most

light-weight, tightest T-shirt. A T-shirt bra constantly has seamless cups. T-shirt bras are intended to be nearly

undetectable and not display any lines beneath outfits even under the most smallest T-shirt.If the cups keep their

form and are seamless, it's almost certainly a T-shirt bra. It may be hard to recognize the thin coating of foam

padding on the inside the bra cups, because you usually won't see it but if the material seems a little bit fuller

than other bras, probabilities are it's in there.

Ladies of all sizes from little cup to full figure - can put on a T-shirt bra. This is due to the fact a T-shirt bra

relates to how the bra is designed, and the cup's features but not a particular cup style.

For example, females who are a smaller sized bra may desire a T-shirt bra with a demi cup, while females who

dress in a bigger cup size should try a T-shirt bra with a full-coverage cup to get the most effective fit.

even if you failed to like this bra design and style before or any bra with molded cups - keep in mind that there

are advancements in bra-designing and material technological innovation every year. Trying on new a T-shirt bra

design is truly worth the effort you may discover that it fits you perfectly, and it could even turn out to be the

most comfy bra you own.

T-shirt bras, look superb under t-shirts. On the other hand, don’t restrict a bra to just one utilization. T-shirt bras

can be worn with all varieties of outfits, from daily tank tops to stunning blouses. The invisibility of a t-shirt bra

makes it appropriate for wide range of functions:

Wide strapped tank tops look amazing with

T-Shirt bras.

Tight, supple sweaters actually gain from wearing a t-shirt bra.

T-shirt bras enhance form fitting polo shirts.

Silky fabric is likely to show underwear, generating a near-invisible t-shirt bra a perfect selection.

Calvin Klein Women's Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra

This best-seller full coverage bra from Calvin Klein features lightly lined cups with Memory Touch for ultimate comfort and a perfect fit.
 FOUR STARS and a half best seller  12 colors

So I have big boobs and a small frame. 34DDD is a size that exists for maybe 10% of bras, and of those bras 34DDD is likely actually a D or DD cup (thanks for the inaccurate sizing, bra companies). After trying every frickin bra on the face of the planet only to find my boobs half-inside some contraption that seems like it holds easter eggs or alien heads, with enough padding to be classified as combat gear, I was ecstatic to find these bras. I can easily say at 22 years old this is the first bra that has ever actually fit me.
Not only that, but as a bonus it comes in colors that aren't beige (I know, I know, you have big boobs--and YES you can actually own a bra that doesn't look like peacock vomit).
I also know that as a species with breasts, our clothes are generally not supposed to be comfortable, but I can wear this 24/7 and not feel like I've been clawed by a raccoon (sorry if that detracts from your feelings of feminity).
Probably most important, when you bend over or contort yourself in some way, this bra has enough coverage that your boobs stay in it and you don't need to readjust it 30 times a day (what will you do with all your spare time now?) At the same time, you can wear a v-neck that boasts a fair bit of cleavage and this bra still stays hidden.
Last but not least, I bought four of these two years ago. I still have them, the elastic is still strong and there's only minor pillage on the cup lining. I've probably washed them each 100+ times in a mesh bag on the hot/heavy cycle at that (ain't nobody got time to hand-wash bras).
So yes, I give these bras five stars. I also give my thanks to the CK designers who made the first practical and non-abominable bra for large breasts that I've come across in my lifetime.

I don't cry in #mycalvins.

Deyllo Women’s Perfectly Fit Lightly Padded Lined T-Shirt Underwire Push-Up Bra

Deyllo Women’s Seamless Comfortable Underwire Padded Day-to-day T Shirt Demi bra
It is designed of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, which is genuinely soft and comfortable. The sleek material of the cup provide you a smooth look under t-shirt or the tight tops. Suit for your different outfits. The lightly paddings in the cup can lift up your breast and offer you sufficient support. Adjustable shoulder straps with the hook and eye closures can adapt to your needs. The decent decoration levels up the bra. Make you more sophisticated and alluring. 

I don’t normally write reviews for anything! But, this bra looks pretty much the same on me as it does on the model. I am in love! What a great brand. Almost as good as VS. It is also very comfortable.and cheaper.

Chantelle T-shirt bras / contour bras / molded bras

Chantelle Rive Gauche T-Shirt Bra

Stunning flowered lace trimmed, #under-wire #T-shirt #bra

Finished with luxurious lace for a elegant look, this balconette t shirt

bra is charming to look at

but undetectable under your t shirt!

Lace trim gives feminine look with fantastic amount of

coverage.Are the tops of your busts less full, This bra will elevate you up to give you more

voluminous, rounder looking breast.

I have been using this bra for more than a year now, this is the most effective bra i have ever

possessed. It's comfortable and looks excellent in each and every shirt, outfit or just relaxing

around the house. I hope they don't eliminate it! This bra is the only bra I have run into that

has an eye-catching

dual shoulder strap which creates an attractive supplement to a

sleeveless top that reveals the bra straps. Fit is right.It's so beautiful, comes in a extensive

range of sizes, and has a molded cup design that is uncommon of most brands who do DD+


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The Chantelle Rive Gauche Panty is flawlessly fashioned, with a complementing, classic shape and gorgeous lace. Mid-rise brief with moderate back.

Slide into these special, sexy shorty panties for a touch of French elegance!

 This full coverage contour bra options contrast-color stitches and a magnificent scalloped lace trimmed foundation for outstanding support.


DKNY Women's Litewear Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra


Soft, sleek fabric helps create a smooth look under clothing; full coverage foam cups help provide added shaping and support; keyhole design and logo detailing creates and elevated designer look; Fully adjustable straps help create a personal fit; Hook and eye closure adds fit versatility


 Fantasie Rebecca Molded Spacer Underwire Bra

Dainty Swiss embroidery and geometric lace on this comfy beautiful tee shirt bra

Undie Award Winner This stunning bra has spacer foam cups for light-weight contouring and breathable comfort.

Contour/t-shirt, spacer foam underwire cups offer wonderful support, are light and breathe.

Seamless, semi-firm contour cups enable modesty without adding bulk.The cups run a bit full. If you have shallow upper breasts, go down 1 cup size.

This is THE best bra ever for me! The band is a 32 and I measure 29" at under bust. The cup size is perfect.

The projection silhouette is beautiful, rounded and smooth. If you have projecting nipples, it will show. This

does not bother me, however for those it does a warning. I came to this incredible site to find what I had in

other colors, and I was more than pleased!!! Complete support. The ONLY thing I would recommend to the

design/manufacturer is to go to the notched straps. They are the BEST, and lock in the strap position. Now

that said, I've not had a slippage problem, but we all know with time this does eventually become an issue.

Searching for a stunning, full-coverage bra that will give you a clean line under your clingiest tops.

This sophisticated panty options diamond pattern Swiss embroidery to coordinate back to the matching bra. 


All the advantages of a T-shirt bra –molded cups, a rounded shape and lightly padded

Seamless, full coverage underwire T-shirt bra

Lightweight, breathable spacer foam-lined cups

Inner slings create a flattering lift and support

Back adjustable, close-set, stretch straps won't slip

3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure

Columns and rows increase with size

Soft, stretch microfiber


I love, love, LOVE this bra! It gives me great shape with no headlights. Yet, it's not so padded

that it misrepresents my size and appearance. The straps don't need much adjusting for cups

to fit and band is snug enough to offer great support throughout the day (a lot of bending and

lifting). I get great coverage, support, & shape! What more can I ask for in an everyday bra?